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Question: How do you want to feel in your living room?

Quiz: Deco DNA Quiz. Reveal Decoration of Your Personality

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Want to know your Deco DNA type? This interior design quiz reveals your decoration DNA based on your personality.

What Is the Deco DNA Test

Created by interior designer Natalya Makes, the Deco DNA Test is a décor style personality quiz. It factors in three measurable aspects of interior design—color, intensity, and style—to determine what type of decoration fits your home.

How to Discover Your Deco DNA Type

According to Natalya, the Deco DNA Test creator, you can identify your design genes by assessing three aspects of your preferences: color, intensity, and style.

Color Preference

The color pallet you relate to can reveal your matching décor style. If you happen to ask yourself, “What color should I paint my room?” now is the best time to analyze your favorites and see the connections.

Design Intensity

Your design’s tangibility in space is also an important factor. The less you make your interior design visible, the more you lean toward minimal styles—and vice versa.

Style Preference

It’s also crucial to consider your tidying and adorning styles before choosing your Deco DNA type. If you’re familiar with the Clutterbug idea, you already know that people organize their homes differently, and that alone makes a huge difference between their style preferences.

Examples of the Deco DNA Quiz Results

For example, a person with a tonal color preference, minimal design intensity, and cohesive style would have the T+Min+C Deco DNA, which is likely to enjoy a Scandinavian interior design.

Another example would be B+Max+R, Bold color preference, Maximal design intensity, and Refined style. Such a Deco DNA would likely relate to Gothic Revival interior designs, which emphasize fireplaces, stained glass, and wooden ceiling beams.

What to Do After the Deco DNA Test

Google your results to find home décor ideas. What the Deco DNA Quiz does is give you a list of interior design styles that match your preferences and personality. You can then look up these styles to come up with the perfect decoration for your house.

Expose Your Home Interior Design Genes Today!

For those wondering what their Deco DNA type is, here’s the interior decoration quiz that reveals design penchants accurately. Answer 15 questions about your home to find out what kind of adornment style will satisfy you.

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Now, it’s about time to expose your Deco DNA with 100% accuracy!


Although the Deco DNA Quiz is inspired by Natalya Makes’ work, it contains no copyrighted material, and QuizExpo intends no copyright infringement.