Which Whale Are You? 100% Fun Personality Quiz

This quiz reveals which whale you are based on your personality. Are you Gray, Sperm, Blue, Humpback, or Beluga?

Which Whale Are You

Let’s face it; ordinary people don’t wonder what type of whale they are. It’s always “thalassophiles” like you and me who come up with those weird questions. No worries, though; I feel you—and I’ve got you covered!

In this aquatic test, you get to discover what whale you are. Yes, there are over 80 species of whales out there. And you could represent any of them in real life. But the quiz narrows down the options into one true match of yours.

I’ve always been fascinated with whales. My obsession, of course, started after reading Moby-Dick—and later watching its film adaptations. So, when I was offered to create this quiz, I was frolicking on my chair.

But before I proudly present to you my work, let me explain what to expect from the Whale Personality Test:

  • Your persona as a whale. My quiz will personify giant sea creatures and expose the ones you resemble.
  • Your matching whale’s characteristics. Your results will include fun facts about your doppelganger creature to help you relate.
  • Lots of oceanophile-esque questions. As a lover of all things sea and ocean, I tried to keep the test fun and entertaining for people like me.

If you think this quiz is strange, wait to hear about our other trending test: What Frog Are You? It helps frog-loving weirdos meet their heavenly pairs. (I myself am one of those weirdos, btw 🙋🏻‍♀️.)

For so long, people have been trying to find their spirit animal. But they’ve been narrow-minded enough to exclude whales. We’re here to change that: These questions will expose your inner whale, the gigantic creature languidly swimming in your mind.

The options are extensive. You could be a Blue Whale, a Humpback Whale, an Orca, a Narwhal, or some other captivating species.

But the process is quick. It takes less than five minutes to finish the test and meet your fully aquatic placental marine mammal self. (Yeah, that’s the fanciest way to say “whale.”)

Before you leave, please consider donating to Whale & Dolphin Conservation (or a charity of your choice) to help protect these adorable friends.

Now, let’s dive into the quiz. 🤿🐳

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