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Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching

Which Shrek Character Are You

Which Shrek character best fits you? Take this fun quiz and find out! See if you are the lovable green ogre, Fiona, Donkey, or another beloved character.

When we are talking about the animation industry, there are a lot of great names that you can think of. A lot of animated movies made our childhood and many memories, and they are still good pieces of art to this day.

One of these animations is, without a doubt, the story of the lovely green ogre called Shrek. A story about a giant ogre that lives in the forest by the piggy’s mud and loves his life until his times come up to go on a mission to save the princess of his story that is called Fiona.

You know the rest; what are you doing with your life if you didn’t watch Shrek? Let’s talk about it then.

Creation of the Shrek

You may not know this, but Shrek is based on a book by the same name written by William Steig. In 1991, Steven Spielberg purchased the right to Steig’s book and wanted to produce a cartoon based on this story.

But the writer of the book saw the work of DreamWorks studios and wanted to invest in them to create a new world based on this book, and as all, we know right now, he had the right mind about it.

Gaining Success

Although they wanted the create the animation in the 90s, the work got done in 2001, and Shrek finally premiered, and it became the 4th most-grossing movie of that year, which was an excellent record for animation at that time.

In those years, there weren’t many high-quality animations like nowadays, and this animation got high praise for its outstanding visuals and incredible, unique, and heart-warming story and narrative.

Tale of the green ogre got so much success for DreamWorks, and they immediately became a strong rival for big companies like Pixar and Disney. DreamWorks began to work on more Shrek movies, and sequels were a huge hit.

The franchise’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th installments came out next, and they were all praised because they were considered a solid sequel to the Shrek animation. Also, there were other projects and spin-offs related to Shrek, like Puss in Boots.

Main Characters and Their Personalities

We can confirm that the main reason for Shrek’s success is because of their characters. The main characters of Shrek are Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona, which is a great combination. Imagine an ogre, a donkey, and a princess begin their journey; it’s unique, and you have to give credit to the writers.

Shrek’s character is an ogre who loves to swim in the mud and prefers his solitary life. He has a house and loves to eat a lot of food, especially meat. He finds the Donkey on a fair and saves him. Mike Myers was the voice actor of the green ogre and did an incredible job as the green ogre, but Eddie Murphy as the donkey spiced up the whole animation. He got praised for the role of Donkey, and he was absolutely the favorite character of the show.

Fiona is a princess living in a dangerous castle, and someone has to save him from the court so a prince can marry her after saving her. But the prince of this story is Lord Farquaad, a hobbit who threatens the green ogre to get the princess and bring her for him to wed her. Although Fiona didn’t get the highest praise, just like Eddie Murphy, it’s safe to say that Cameron Diaz did an incredible job as Fiona. This character helped her voice acting career to kick off amazingly.

Along the way, the green ogre and Donkey become good buddies. The donkey has a great sense of humor, but his spirit can be a little annoying for Shrek. When Donkey gets saved by Shrek, he feels he owes the green ogre his life and sticks with him.

These characters have unique personalities; check out them in this table:

Character Personality
Shrek grumpy, sarcastic, and fiercely loyal
Donkey hyperactive, enthusiastic, and loyal
Fiona brave, independent, and determined
Lord Farquaad powerhungry, ruthless, and vain
Dragon protective and loyal

So, which Shrek character are you?

You know too much about Shrek. Answer 20 questions, and you’re going to find out. Check our other quizzes, like the Encanto character quiz.

Are you ready for the Shrek quiz? Good luck and have fun.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Do you like being lonely?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 1
    • Yes, I really like my loneliness and it doesn't bother me

    • I don't have problems with it and I only choose people for my benefit

    • I used to being alone but I don't want to keep being alone

    • No, being alone sucks and I want to stick with my friends

  • Question 2

    Do you act tough?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 2
    • Yes, I like to be tough and don't give the people a chance to hurt me

    • Yes, people have to fear me and know that they can't mess with me

    • No, I want to be friendly so people would enjoy my company

    • I don't act tough but when I need to be, I don't back off

  • Question 3

    Do you eat healthy food?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 3
    • Yes, I want to eat good food and I really take care of myself

    • I don't usually eat non healthy food and I only eat food that I like

    • I don't say that I have good eating habits, but sometimes I eat healthy food

    • I have the worst eating habits and I don't care about my health that much

  • Question 4

    In a relationship, you are:

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 4
    • I'm very showing my romance publicly and I don't care what anyone thinks

    • I don't show my romance public but when I'm alone with my partner I let them know I care for them

    • I'm very normal in realtionships and I act how I feel at any time

    • I'm very insecure about my relationship and I need a lot of attention

  • Question 5

    Do you like where you live?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 5
    • Yes, I absolutley love my place and it gives me a lot of comfort

    • Yes, I kind of like it. it's quite and I get to have peace in it

    • I don't actually have a place and I just crash at places time to time

    • I hate where I live and I wish I get out of it as soon as possible

  • Question 6

    When you get angry with your partner:

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 6
    • I will give her silent treatment and I don't talk to them unless I forgive them

    • I just can't stop talking. although I'm mad at them but I still talk to them

    • I get very sad and start crying. I hope that they come to fix things up

    • I punish them. why would they make me angry and sad, huh?

  • Question 7

    Do you believe in destiny?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 7
    • No, I don't. I think everybody makes their own way and life

    • I believe in destiny but I don't want to dedicate my whole time to get what is my destiny is

    • I don't know, really. I may have believe that for a time but right now I don't

    • Yes, I believe in destiny and I think I have fulfilled mine

  • Question 8

    If you called ugly:

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 8
    • I don't care about them. I know how I look and I know it's about the inside not the looks

    • It may hurt my feelings a little bit but I'll get over it soon enough

    • I don't liked being called a ugly and it really hurts my feelings so deep

    • Who dares to call me ugly? have they seen themselves? I will punch them in the face

  • Question 9

    Are you scared a lot?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 9
    • No, actually there are so little things in the world that can scare me

    • It's not the physical scare that bothers me, It's the emotional things that may scare me

    • I get scared time to time but I act tough so people don't realize I'm scaring

    • Yeah, I have a lot of fears mostly because it's hard for me to defend myself

  • Question 10

    Are you a funny person?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 10
    • I don't do funny things, I'm a very serious person and I don't have problems with it

    • I think I'm fun. every time I talk and try to be funny, I make people laugh at my jokes

    • I'm funny in a more cute way and I don't do comedy jokes

    • I'm fun as hell, I mean, I think I am!

  • Question 11

    Do you like to have powers?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 11
    • No, I don't want to be in the center of attention and I want to be alone

    • Sometimes yes, and Sometimes I don't, but I don't think it suits me well

    • I have in the place of power before and I don't feel good about it

    • I love power, It's what drives my life and I want more of it

  • Question 12

    Can you control your hunger and stomache?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 12
    • No, I want to eat so much and I'm getting fatter day by day because of my lack of self control

    • I don't eat a lot but when I crave for something, I have to have it

    • I can control my appetite for a long time but when I get hungry, I will be angry!

    • I don't have hunger for food, but I eat food to just carry on with life

  • Question 13

    Do you have a pet?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 13
    • Yes, I love pets and I have little cat

    • I'm not really into pets, and I don't want to have one

    • I'm love pets so much but I don't have one

    • No, I don't have time to care for a pet

  • Question 14

    Do you lie often to get out of problems?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 14
    • Just some little lies, I don't want to say big lies to get over the problems

    • No, I want to be an honest person and even if it creates problems for me

    • Sometimes I tell lies, because I'm ashamed to say some truths

    • I don't care about anything, I will lie my way out of everything

  • Question 15

    What is your favorite color?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 15
    • Green

    • Grey

    • White

    • Red

  • Question 16

    What's your ideal fun time?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 16
    • Just relaxing at my favorite spa and eating some fine food and painting

    • hanging out with my friends and laughing the night away

    • Just spending time with my loving partner and telling romantic stories of how we meet

  • Question 17

    If you're going on a travel, where do you prefer?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 17
    • I like a trip to the forest, it will give me peace

    • If it's an adventurous one, I'm okay with it and I like to have fun

    • I want to visit another cities and I want to meet different cultures

    • I'm really not the man of traveling, I like to stay at my place

  • Question 18

    Do you like dancing and singing?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 18
    • It takes much happiness to make me sing and dance, I'm a very serious person

    • I easily burst into dancing and singing, I love this kind of fun

    • If I'm in the mood for it, why not? I'll like to dance and sing time to time

    • No, dancing and singing is really not my thing

  • Question 19

    What is your favorite snack?

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 19
    • Meat

    • I like jerky food

    • I'm a vegetarian

    • I eat whatever I'm in the mood of

  • Question 20

    You deal with your problems:

    Quiz: Which Shrek Character Are You? 1 of 6 Matching 20
    • The hard way, I know my way around my fists to get things done

    • I just laugh at it, and I hope to get over it so soon

    • I just hope for the best, I get so stressed over hard situations

    • I don't handle them myself, I ask for people to deal them for me

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