LOTR Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You?

Do you wonder which Lord of the Rings character are you? Take this Tolkien-inspired Middle-Earth quiz to see If you are Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf, Aragorn, or else.

Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You

A LOTR Quiz to Reveal Your True Character

The test is a set of twenty personality questions to match you with one of the LOTR main characters.

The premise of the test is similar to that of the Dune Character Quiz. You answer a couple of psychological questions that reveal your true self. Then, the quiz uses the information to find your perfect match in the Middle-Earth universe.

Here’s everything you learn in the results:

Find out which Lord of the Rings character you are.

The primary goal here is to declare which of the 900+ LOTR characters is similar to you. The questionary analyzes your traits, beliefs, and even your decisions to achieve that.

Discover the possibility of becoming a Ring bearer.

Can you wear a Power Ring and bear it? Would you be mentally strong enough to deal with the temptations? That’s something the test can tell you. We inspect the signs and red flags to identify those who could’ve fallen for the evil voices in their head.

See if you’re a fellowship of Ring member or not.

The LOTR Quiz includes both villains and protagonists. So, you might match one of the evil characters instead of the fellowship of Ring members. The results totally rely on your responses and decisions.

Get a personality breakdown.

Matching a particular Lord of the Rings character should imply something. That’s why we included a detailed personality analysis in the results, explaining the reasons behind your match.

How to Know Which LOTR Character You Are without a Quiz?

The most accurate way to discover your counterpart is by taking a genuine online test like this page. However, not all Ringers might have the desire or time to take it. Another alternative for such fans is reading the character descriptions, deciding which one is similar to them.

#1. Frodo Baggins

Being the protagonist of the movies, Frodo is a kind, compassionate, and daring character. Despite being shy and introverted, his curiosity leads him to lots of unexpected journeys. Frodo is also pretty clever, making wise decisions in the most intense situations. His innocence and big heart help him destroy the Ring and save everyone’s life despite being tempted by its power.

People who match Frodo in the Lord of the Rings Character Quiz are caring, considerate, and polite. And they tend to respect the rules no matter what.

#2. Samwise Gamgee

Sam is a true friend. He proves to be the most loyal member of the fellowship of Ring. And he manages to save Frodo’s life, helping him to get rid of the Power Ring. During the movies (and even in the original novels), you can see Sam’s protective side, too. He does not hesitate to sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones. He also puts others’ needs before his own, making him a humble and generous person.

If your Lord of the Rings character is Samwise, you are an outgoing, lovely, and friendly person. It’s easy for you to make new friends, and you enjoy spending time with people you like.

#3. Aragorn II Elessar

He’s by far one of the bravest warriors Middle-Earth has ever seen. Aragorn is a bright, strategic, and courageous king who is also a great commander. However, he’s also a sad and grim character due to his traumatic past and unpredictable future. Despite all that, Aragorn is a master of healing, helping those in need like a heavenly angel.

If you ask Ringers, “Which Lord of the Rings character are you?” many would say, “I’m Aragorn.” That’s because he’s one of the most famous men in the stories, thanks to his prestigious personality.

Matching him in the quiz indicates that you’re a natural leader. It also means you have faith in your capabilities, and you’re an excellent self-motivator.

#4. Gandalf

Despite his age, Gandalf is a playful character. He surprises people with his unexpected bluntness. And he’s described as a quick to anger person. But as a wizard, he’s extremely patient, acting as a reliable teacher and a trustworthy guru. Having a similar personality to that of Gandalf means you’re more mature than your age. It also implies that you have a temper.

#5. Galadriel

Girl Ringers would most likely say, “I’m Galadriel,” when asked, “Which Lord of the Ring character are you?” She’s a kind and caring motherly figure who shows excellent sympathy for Middle-Earth creatures. Galadriel is also prideful and charismatic, being the most beautiful woman in the LOTR universe. She’s a true believer in love who does her best to be righteous and do the right thing no matter what.

If Galadriel is your character match, you’re a generous, likable, and charming person.

Character Age
Frodo Baggins TA 2968
Samwise Gamgee TA 2980
Aragorn TA 2931


Other Character of Lord of the Rings

Tolkien’s universe has hundreds of analysis-worthy characters. But you only read the description of five of them. If you want to increase your chance of finding your perfect match, taking the quiz is your best bet. We created a database of LOTR personality profiles to compare with yours and deliver instant results.


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