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Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You?

Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You

Hey, warrior, which God of War Ragnarök character are you? This Norse mythology quiz exposes whether you are Kratos, Atreus, or others.

This God of War Quiz Reveals Your Ragnarök Character

With its 20 mythological questions, the GoW Ragnarok quiz identifies which of the 2022 game’s characters you resemble in real life.

God of War Ragnarok is the ninth installment in the franchise following the story of Kratos and his son, Atreus. But this time, the father and son are accompanied by a handful of other memorable characters, all set to take down the villain of the Norse Realms, Odin.

The current personality test, however, compares your traits to that of the 2022 GoW’s warriors to expose your perfect match.

It’s Based on the Characters’ MBTI Type

What better way to find your God of War lookalike than an accurate MBTI test? Lucky for you, our quiz utilizes an extensive database of the characters’ personality types to deliver precise results.

Forget about the face-matching God of War filters on TikTok. Although they seem fun, they lack depth.

The good thing about our quiz is that it comes with detailed results explaining why you matched a particular character and how to interpret it.

If, for whatsoever reason, you don’t have time for a god-tier quiz, use the following table to find your God of War Ragnarok match.


Character MBTI Type
Kratos ISTJ
Atreus ENFP
Angrboda ISFJ
Mimir ENTP
Ratatoskr ENTP


How to Know Which GoW Ragnarok Character You Are

One way to come across your God of War match is by reading the characters’ descriptions. The following introductions to Ragnarök personalities might help with that.

#1. Kratos

Personality-wise, Kratos, in the 2022 installment of God of War, is a protective father. Now scared for his son’s life, he is cautious and anxious, restricting Atreus even more. But he eventually loosens up, becoming an understanding, supportive dad, his “BOY” needs.

#2. Atreus

Still curious and impulsive, Atreus in Ragnarok is a developing character. He’s young, eager to explore the world, and determined to prove himself to Kratos. But behind his stubborn personality lays a kind-hearted, giving boy.

#3. Freya

Although blinded by vengefulness, Freya has a heart of gold. She is a motherly figure ready to sacrifice her life for her child. In God of War Ragnarok, we get to see both sides of her personality: The ruthless, resentful warrior and the loving, compassionate mom.

#4. Angrboda

Hinted in God of War 2018, Angrboda becomes the love interest of Atreus in Ragnarok. She’s a loyal, big-hearted young lady willing to go the extra mile and take risks for the greater good. Her caretaker persona matches Atreus’s goodwill, and the two could potentially form a romantic relationship.

#5. Brok

A rude, inconsiderate, and short-tempered little guy, Brok is the comical relief of God of War. He often irritates his friends with his insulting, unkind remarks. But deep down, he’s a good-natured man genuinely concerned about his loved ones’ wellbeing.

Other Ragnarok personalities

Unlike the classic GoW games, Ragnarok has a complex, deep story. And you encounter a handful of unforgettable characters along the journey—Angrboda, Ratatoskr, and Thrúd come to mind.

So, for a detailed comparison containing all the newly introduced characters, just take the quiz. It’s the fastest (and the most convenient) way to see which Ragnarok character is similar to you.

What Does Your GoW Character Say About You

Your God of War Ragnarok character can reveal what type of person you are, how you treat others, and what games you like.

Despite being inspired by Norse mythology, Ragnarok heroes are far more relatable than an average game’s characters. They have complicated emotions, imperfect relationships, and conceivable desires. So, matching one of them uncovers a lot about you.

Ready to Meet Your Midgardian Self? Take the Quiz

The time has come; are you ready to see who your Ragnarok counterpart is? If yes, press the start button now.

The following questions, reminiscing the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, unveil the god or demi-god in you.

By the way, if you’ve already beat Ragnarok, take our quiz called “What Game Should I Play?” It determines what game to get next.


QuizExpo does not own the images in the God of War Ragnarok character quiz and intends no copyright infringement. Capcom and Sony Interactive Entertainment own the said pictures.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Ragnarok aside, which God of War game is your favorite?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 1
    • God of War 2018

    • Ragnarök

    • God of War 3

    • God of War 1 and 2

    • Chains of Olympus

    • Meh, I like most of them.

    • I don’t like most of them.

    • Hear me out; GoW is overrated.

  • Question 2

    How would you protect your child if you lived in one of the Nine Realms?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 2
    • I’d teach them how to predict dangerous situations.

    • I’d teach them self-defense.

    • I’d ask them to stay out of trouble.

    • I’d teach them how to control their rage.

    • I’d let them learn self-protection by trial and error.

    • I don’t know. I hate kids.

    • I’d teach them to attack before being attacked.

    • I’d raise them with wolves and create my own monster.

  • Question 3

    How would you describe Kratos and Atreus’s relationship?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 3
    • Lovely

    • Inspiring

    • Genuine

    • Relatable

    • Fun

    • Stupid

    • Boring

    • Unrelatable

  • Question 4

    What do you think of God of War Ragnarök’s story?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 4
    • It’s complicated—but fascinating

    • The story is perfect.

    • It’s emotional.

    • It’s relatable on so many different levels.

    • I’m not sure if it’s the best GoW storyline.

    • It was full of plot holes. I didn’t like it.

    • I don’t care about the story. I’m here for battles.

    • I hated every second of the story. It was stupid.

  • Question 5

    What kind of monsters intimidate you?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 5
    • Enormous, scary-looking ones.

    • Small and hard-to-spot ones.

    • Loud and freaky ones.

    • Fast and unpredictable ones.

    • Silent and slow ones.

    • Powerful and god-like monsters.

    • Monsters should be intimidated by me.

    • I’m not intimidated by any monster.

  • Question 6

    What makes God of War a good game?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 6
    • The characters.

    • The relationships.

    • The storylines.

    • The gameplay.

    • The mythology.

    • The monsters.

    • The brutality of the battles.

    • Meh, it’s not that of a good game, anyway.

  • Question 7

    How would you feel about the Norse gods if they were real?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 7
    • I’d fear them.

    • I’d be curious to know more about them.

    • I’d ignore them and mind my own business.

    • I’d dislike them.

    • I’d adore them.

    • I’d work for them so I can have a better life.

    • I’d try to become one of them.

    • I’d try to kill all of them because they’re disgusting.

  • Question 8

    You must accompany Kratos on a deadly quest. Pick a weapon.

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 8
    • Poisonous dagger

    • Bow

    • Spear

    • Chained blades.

    • Double matchet

    • Slingshot (with poisonous pebbles)

    • Double hammer

    • I don’t need a weapon. I have a brain.

  • Question 9

    How would you feel about hunting if you lived in the GoW universe?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 9
    • I’d still hate it.

    • I’d try to deal with it.

    • I’d only hunt to feed my loved ones.

    • I’d be okay with it. Hunting is crucial for surviving.

    • I’d find it quite adventurous and fun.

    • I wouldn’t enjoy it because it’s too much work.

    • I’d love it. Hunting mythical creatures sounds exciting.

    • IDK. I’d hire other people to hunt for me.

  • Question 10

    Imagine you’re a Midgardian. How do you spend your free time?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 10
    • I’d read or learn new stuff.

    • I’d explore the nearby lands.

    • I’d take care of my family.

    • I’d train to fight.

    • I’d eat delicious food, sleep, or hang out with friends.

    • I’d look for opportunities to make more money.

    • I’d get into bounty hunting.

    • I’d create an army to conquer Midgard.

  • Question 11

    Which of the following gods or demi-gods would you worship?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 11
    • Balder (beauty, kindness, and fairness).

    • Vidar (as powerful as Thor).

    • Freyr (god of fertility).

    • Freya (Sensual and passionate)

    • Hel (goddess and ruler of the underworld).

    • Heimdall (Shiniest of all gods).

    • Frigg (Odin’s wife)

    • Loki

  • Question 12

    What would it be if you could change one thing about Ragnarok?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 12
    • I’d add more romance.

    • I’d add more plot twists.

    • I’d cut back on violence.

    • I’d make the story a bit more tragic.

    • I’d add funnier characters.

    • I’d remove some unnecessary characters.

    • I’d add more brutal elements to the gameplay.

    • I want to change everything about this game.

  • Question 13

    What kind of character could become Kratos’s love interest?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 13
    • Loyal

    • Patient

    • Generous

    • Protective

    • Hot

    • Crazy

    • Insecure

    • No one can love that guy.

  • Question 14

    How would you describe God of War’s franchise in one word?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 14
    • Beautiful

    • Exciting

    • Inspiring

    • Nostalgic

    • Fun

    • Unique

    • Boring

    • Overrated

  • Question 15

    Which one is your favorite Kratos move?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 15
    • Frost Awaken

    • Frozen Breach

    • Extinguished Flames

    • Axe Throw

    • Permafrost

    • Vengeful Sickle

    • Whirling Storm

    • Immolation

  • Question 16

    What would you do to your enemy if they surrendered?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 16
    • I’d forgive them

    • I’d imprison them

    • I’d exile them

    • I’d locked them in hell

    • I’d use them as spies to take down other enemies.

    • I’d humiliate them for fun.

    • I’d torture them.

    • I’d force them to worship me.

  • Question 17

    You can become the god of one of the following elements. Which one do you pick?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 17
    • Light

    • Fire

    • Water

    • Stone

    • Wind

    • Ice

    • Lightening

    • Shadow

  • Question 18

    On a scale of 0 to 10, how violent are you when irritated?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 18
    • 0 (Not violent at all)

    • 1

    • 2-3

    • 4-5

    • 6-7

    • 8

    • 9

    • 10 (I’m unbelievably violent).

  • Question 19

    Which one’s the best strategy to win every battle?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 19
    • Counterattack

    • Stealth attack

    • Defense

    • A strategic attack

    • Political oppression

    • Assassinations.

    • An all-out, brutal war.

    • Deceiving the enemies.

  • Question 20

    Final question: How old were you when you played God of War for the first time?

    Quiz: Which God of War Ragnarök Character Are You? 20
    • 18 or older

    • 17

    • 16

    • 15

    • 14 or younger

    • It’s none of your business.

    • I don’t even remember

    • I’d rather not say.

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