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What’s the best way to break free from a simulator?
  • a

    Fight back

  • b

    Look for a glitch

  • c

    Wait/ask for help

  • d

    Blend in with the simulation characters


Question 1: What’s the best way to break free from a simulator?

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Wanna know which character from The Amazing Digital Circus you are? Take this simulation personality quiz to see if you are Pomni, Jax, Zooble, Ragatha, Caine, or someone else.

Find Your Character in The Amazing Digital Circus with MBTI

The Amazing Digital Circus Quiz discovers your kin or similar character in the titular web animation series. With its 15 questions, the test identifies if you are one of the six humans trapped in the AI-powered game (Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, Kinger, Zooble, and Gangle) or the AI itself.

Here’s a table you can use to find your MBTI match:

The Amazing Digital Circus Characters MBTI
Pomni ENFP
Ragatha ENFJ
Kinger INTP


For those of you who are new to the fandom, The Amazing Digital Circus is an animated internet series by Gooseworx, who previously created the viral Hazbin Hotel animation. The show airs on the GLITCH YouTube channel and revolves around a group of Virtual Reality users trapped in a mysterious digital world.

TADC Characters That You Might Be

Inspired by nostalgic video games like KidPix and science-fiction stories like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, The Amazing Digital Circus features nine main characters: Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, Kinger, Caine, Kaufmo, Bubble, Zooble, and Gangle.

The following are introductory descriptions of some of the show’s main personalities:


As the animation’s protagonist, Pomni is determined, risk-taking, brave, and adventurous. Despite losing her memory, she’s willing to uncover the secrets behind the digital circus and leave the simulation at any cost.


Described by showrunners as “Awful Boye,” Jax is a rebellious character who’s not afraid to play the circus’s mind games. He is the deuteragonist of the show, the “bad influence” that balances Pomni’s innocent point of view.


Ragatha, known as the sweetest optimist in the digital world, is a sentimental, bright, and cheery toy. She enjoys lending a helping hand and being a supportive presence for others. However, her naivety makes her vulnerable to the tricks and deceit of others.


Living in the AI simulation has taken a toll on Kinger’s mind, resulting in an eccentric and somewhat unhinged demeanor. Despite this, his quirky and unpredictable nature has endeared him to the audience, making him one of the most beloved personalities in the entire Amazing Digital Circus.

Abstracted Characters and Antagonists Are Included!

In Gooseworx’s new universe, some characters, the ones who overthink their existence, undergo horrible changes: They turn into abstract beings. But hey, wouldn’t you want to know if the same thing could happen to you? Could you bear the pressure of being trapped in an AI-generated simulation game? Take the Amazing Digital Ciscus Quiz to find the answer.

Let’s Expose the Digital Circus Performer in You

Are you ready to meet your doppelganger in The Amazing Digital Circus? If yes, tap “START” and let our intriguing questions reveal your true avatar.

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