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Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately

Kibbe body types

If you want to learn more about 13 different body types and find out your kibbe body types just start this simple test. This quiz will find your body type and it is 100% accurate.

Do you know what your body type is? Here I would like to tell you another way besides the common category (hourglass, circle, inverted triangle, pear, and rectangle). The usual body types depend on your bust measurements, waist, and hips. But what are Kibbe body types? Who is Kibbe? David Kibbe is an image consultant who created a different method of categorizing body types. And then he advises about every kind of body, which clothes will suit you, which shapes, which colors, etc. So the point of this is to provide practical guidelines for people.

In 1987, he published his book Metamorphosis, a personal image, and a women’s stylebook. In his book, Kibbe introduces a style type theory that is now known as Kibbe Types. David Kibbe believed we’re all a mixture of Yin (feminine/soft features) and Yang (masculine/sharp features). The feminine features of this body typing system are the elements that are round, soft, delicate, and small. The masculine features are sharp, large, and angular elements. Kibbe’s body types are 13 types of body, divided into five families: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic.

5 main Kibbe body types

Now it’s time to explain Kibbe Body Types.


The Romantic family has two distinct types of body: pure romantic (R) and the theatrical romantic (TR).

  • Romantic (R): Consider a Woman in the romantic category, her Skeleton, Body Flesh, and Facial Features are highly Yin-dominant with very, no sign of Yang.
  • Theatrical Romantic (TR): Next, we have theatrical Romantic, which is like romantic, but with some additional sharpness to the bones, and a little less width. In this category, your Skeleton, Body Flesh, and Facial Features have an overall mix of strong Yin (feminine) and mild undercurrent Yang (masculine).


The dramatic family has two distinct types of body, the Dramatic (D) and the soft dramatic (SD).

  • Dramatic (D): Sharp, angular, narrow, intimidating, masculine. These are the characteristics that come to mind when we consider a Dramatic type of body.
  • Soft Dramatic (SD): Soft dramatics are like dramatics but has a more delicate flesh or facial characteristics.


The Classic family has three body types: pure classic (C), soft classic (SC), and dramatic classic (DC).

  • Classic (C): The most balanced and symmetrical of all types of Kibbe Body is Classic. Since you’re a real classic, you need a mixture of features uniformly around your bone structure, facial features, and flesh.
  • Soft Classic (SC): Looking at their flesh and facial characteristics, we can find out the variations between soft classics and classics. The added softness in the cheeks, a little more completeness in the lips, and a bit more roundness in the eyes.
  • Dramatic Classic (DC): The main differences between dramatic classics and classics are that the flesh and face tend to be classic, and the bone structure seems to have more Yang.


There are three distinct types within the natural family: pure Natural (N), soft Natural (SN), and flamboyant Natural (FN).

  • Natural (N): Pure naturals, like classics, can be very rare. All of her features are yang features.
  • Soft Natural (SN): It’s natural with a little yin in it. Soft naturals usually have natural bone structures with smoother curves, more Yin, more flesh, and more facial features.
  • Flamboyant Natural (FN): Flamboyant Natural is as natural but larger, more angular, and straighter, giving the body more of a yang feel.


The last family on this list. So let me give you a few examples of pure gamines (G), soft gamines (SG), and flamboyant gamines (FG).

  • Gamine (G): Overall, features are a mixture of Yin and Yang instead of a blend. That’s what distinguishes a gamine from a classic.
  • Soft Gamine (SG): Soft gamines are like gamines, a blend of features of Yin and Yang but with somewhat more Yin, usually in their flesh.
  • Flamboyant Gamine (FG): Flamboyant gamines also have a combination of yin and yang traits, but with a slant to Yang.

Celebrities’ Kibbe body types

If you want to find out the Kibbe body types of celebrities, you can search “Kibbe body types celebrities.” Here are some examples of them:

Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce are both the best examples of romantics. Rihanna is a theatrical romantic.

Some samples of dramatics are Tilda Swinton and Lucy Liu.

Isabelle Huppert has a classic type of body.

Ava Gardener is an excellent type of Soft Dramatic (SD).

These were only a few samples of celebrities’ body types, and you can easily find the rest yourself and compare them.

Weight gain and its role in finding body type

Weight gain is the key to finding your type of body. What is Kibbe’s opinion about weight gain? Here are examples of his advice about weight gain:

  • Romantics only get more rounded; the face gets full.
  • In Theatrical Romantics, The figure continues to be an hourglass with a defined waist. Upper arms, thighs, and face become fleshy.
  • Flamboyant Gamines Tend to become rectangular and stocky. As with the waist and hip area, arms and legs tend to get thick. The face can turn very puffy and fleshy.

Kibbe body types quiz

If you want to determine your Kibbe body types, play a “Kibbe 13 body types test.” To do this, you need to take a picture of yourself or stand in front of a mirror. Here are some examples of these quiz questions:

  • What is the size and shape of your hands and feet?
  1. Small and slight wide
  2. Small, narrow, delicate
  3. Long and narrow
  4. Large and broad
  5. Moderate, broad, and delicate


  • What is the overall shape of your body?
  1. Very soft, a ripe hourglass
  2. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned
  3. Very shapely and delicate
  4. Broad, tending toward muscular
  5. Long and lean


  • Which best defines the shape of your lips?
  1. Full and luscious
  2. Slightly full and rounded
  3. Thin and straight
  4. Straight and somewhat broad
  5. Evenly shaped

Finally, at the end of the quiz, you may see one of the following results:

Kibbe Romantic body type

You have Kibbe’s Romantic body type, such as the Marilyn Monroe type. Romantic body type means you are all Yin (feminine / soft features). You have a soft, curvy, and voluptuous body with a delicate and rounded bone structure. Your body shape is an hourglass figure with fleshy arms and legs. Everybody likes your facial features. Because your facial bones are small and delicate. You have beautiful and large eyes. Your full lips, slightly wide or lush nose, jawline, and fleshy cheeks attract all men’s attention. It is defined as moderate to petite, typically less than 5’5′′.

Kibbe Gamine body type

You have Kibbe Gamine body type, same as Leslie Caron. Gamine body type is a combination of Yin’s face (feminine / soft features) and Yang’s body (masculine/sharp features). You have a lithe and lean body, which tends towards musculature. Your bone structure is angular, narrow, and sharp, with small breasts and hips. Your hands and feet are moderate to small, and your arms and legs tend to belong. Your childish facial features look unique with medium to thin lips, large eyes, and a delicate, sharp nose and chin. Gamines are described as petite or 5’5″.

Kibbe Dramatic body type

You have Kibbe Dramatic body type, same as Cate Blanchett. Dramatic body type is all Yang (masculine/sharp features). You may not like your body because it’s too masculine. You have an extremely sharp bone structure with a straight body type. You are exclusively tall with long arms and legs. Your narrow facial features such as sharp nose and jawline, small eyes, thin and straight lips, and pretty high and prominent cheekbones make you beautiful.

Kibbe Natural body type

You have Kibbe Natural body type, same as Natascha McElhone. The natural body type is the moderate Yang(masculine/sharp features) side between Dramatic and Classic. Your body is slightly muscular with a blunt bone structure and a straight body type. Your height is said to be average to above average. You have small eyes, and thin and straight lips.

Kibbe Classic body type

you have Kibbe Classic body type, same as Grace Kelly. The classic body type is balanced Yin (feminine / soft features) and Yang (masculine/sharp features). You have an asymmetrical bone structure with a tendency towards slight sharpness. Your body type is slightly lithe and sinewy musculature with proportioned bust, waist, and hips and moderate to somewhat long limbs. Your height is medium, usually between 5 feet 7 inches. Your facial features are symmetrical and evenly spaced.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What are your shoulders shape?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 1
    • A. Narrow, sharp
    • B. Broad, blunt
    • C. Symmetrical, Even
    • D. Sloped, but tapered
    • E. Sloped and rounded
  • 2
    What is the size and shape of your hands and feet?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 2
    • A. Long, lean, sinewy

    • B. Large and broad

    • C. Moderate, neither long, broad, delicate nor small

    • D. Small, narrow, delicate

    • E. Small and slightly wide

  • 3
    What is the length of your arms and legs?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 3
    • A. Elongated, narrow

    • B. Elongated, broad

    • C. Moderate

    • D. Small, slightly shortish

    • E. Small, very short

  • 4
    Can people guess your height correctly (Your vertical line)?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 4
    • A. People always think I’m taller than I really am

    • B. People sometimes guess I’m slightly taller, but not by very much

    • C. People usually guess my height correctly, or aren’t at all surprised by it

    • D. People usually guess I’m slightly smaller

    • E. It’s very obvious to everyone that I am small in stature

  • 5
    What is the overall shape of your body?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 5
    • A. Long, lean, sinewy

    • B. Broad, tending toward muscular

    • C. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned

    • D. Very shapely, a delicate hourglass

    • E. Very soft, lushly curved, a ripe hourglass

  • 6
    What is the shape of your nose?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 6
    • A. Sharp or prominent

    • B. Broad or blunt, but on the large side, possibly wide

    • C. Moderate, symmetrical

    • D. Delicate, tapered, narrow

    • E. Rounded or softly wide

  • 7
    What is the shape of your cheekbones?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 7
    • A. High, prominent

    • B. Wide

    • C. Symmetrical, moderate

    • D. Delicate, narrow, slightly rounded

    • E. Rounded

  • 8
    The flesh on your upper arms and thighs is described as…
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 8
    • A. Long, lithe, and sinewy

    • B. Elongated and tending toward muscular

    • C. Moderate, neither extremely soft nor extremely muscular or sinewy

    • D. Soft, slightly short

    • E. Very soft, slightly wide and fleshy

  • 9
    Which defines the shape of your jawline?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 9
    • A. Sharp, either very pointed, very prominent, or very square

    • B. Broad or blunt, slightly wide

    • C. Moderate, symmetrical, neither wide, sharp, nor rounded

    • D. Delicate, tapered, or slightly narrow

    • E. Rounded or softly wide

  • 10
    Which defines the shape of your lips?
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 10
    • A. Straight, narrow, sometimes described as “thin-lipped”

    • B. Straight, strong, slightly broad, but not full

    • C. Moderate, evenly shaped, neither straight nor overly full

    • D. Slightly full and rounded

    • E. Very full, very rounded, and very luscious

  • 11
    The shape of your eyes is:
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 11
    • A. Narrow, straight, closely spaced, or almond-shaped

    • B. Narrow, straight, widely spaced

    • C. Evenly spaced, symmetrical, moderate size

    • D. Rounded, slightly close together

    • E. Very round and very large

  • 12
    Your hipline could best be described as:
    Kibbe body types quiz. Find your body type 100% accurately 12
    • A. Tapered, straight, and boyishly narrow

    • B. Straight, slightly tapered, and slightly wide

    • C. Moderate, in even proportion to my bust and wasitline

    • D. Shapely and rounded, more pronounced than my waistline

    • E. Extremely soft and rounded, whatever my weight

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  1. A – 3
    B – 5
    C – 3
    D- -1


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