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Which one better describes your body type?
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    Chubby and short

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    Thin and tall

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    Thin and short

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    Fit and short

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    Fit and tall


Question 1: Which one better describes your body type?

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The Kitchener Essence Quiz is a style test that determines if you are Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Ingenue, Angelic, or Classic.

What Is the Kitchener Essence Quiz?

Inspired by the 7 Essences theory, the Kitchener Essence Quiz is a style identifier. It analyzes participants’ faces, bodies, and personality types to decide what fashion suits them.

John Kitchener, a well-known color and style consultant, created the Essence Theory based on Kibbe’s styles. He suggested 7 archetypes—or Essences—that determine one’s style: Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Ingenue, Angelic, or Classic.

With the current comprehensive style test, you get to see which of these archetypes you represent. And you also receive professional tips on how to shape your fashion around your Essence.

Kitchener Essence Feature
Dramatic Confidence
Gamine Playfulness
Natural Serenity
Classic Elegance
Romantic Sensuality
Ingenue Innocence
Angelic Mythical


Besides your style, The Kitchener Quiz also classifies your face and personality Essences.

Style Essence

Your archetype influences the dress and the color that suits you. Therefore, The Kitchener Essence Quiz suggests the style that would exploit your natural beauty.

Face Essence

Kitchener’s theory uncovers your face shape indirectly. Although not meant for face shape typology, The Kitchener Essences hint at your facial features’ type.

Personality Essence

According to Kitchener, the Essence is an undertone of body type. But it’s rooted not only in your style but also in your personality. That’s why the Essence Quiz identifies what kind of person you are to deliver accurate results.

What Are the 7 Kitchener Essences?

Kitchener uses the ancient Yin-Yang theory to come up with seven Essences: Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Ingenue, Angelic, and Classic. In his typology, an Essence is a combination of one’s personality and physical features that together determine their style.

1.     Dramatic

Bold, confident, and self-reliant, the Dramatic archetype is the essence of dominant feminine energy.

2.    Gamine

Rebellious and playful, the Gamine Essence carries tomboyish energy—though it shares the same dominance-craving features with the Dramatic archetype.

3.    Natural

Laidback, friendly, and casual, the Natural archetype prefers soulful fashion.

4.   Romantic

Sensual and attractive, the Romantic Essence is the embodiment of beauty, charm, and sexual tension.

5.    Ingenue

The Ingenue Essence is the archetype of youthful souls with gentle and innocent looks.

6.   Angelic (Ethereal)

Also known as Ethereal, the Angelic archetype in Kitchener’s Essence theory represents mythical, heavenly, and unique beauty.

7.   Classic

As the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, the Classic Essence is the representation of elegance and charm in the form of maturity, conservatism, and formality.

How to Make the Most of Your Essence in Fashion?

John Kitchener suggests using your Essence in different aspects of your style. He believes 10% to 15% of one’s Essence can be implemented in an accessory, 20% to 40% in a garment, and 50% in the entire outfit.

But Kitchener also notes that people are combinations of several Essences. So, according to him, it’s best to merge multiple archetypes in one personalized style to make the most of one’s beauty.

Take This Quiz to Discover Your Kitchener Essence

Do you want to know what your Kitchener Essence is? If yes, take this style root quiz and find your archetype based on your body and personality. The following questions determine if you are Dramatic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Ingenue, Angelic, or Classic by analyzing your character’s physical and emotional aspects.


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