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Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test

Ilvermorny House Quiz

This 100% No-Maj-friendly Ilvermorny House quiz will tell you which school you’re eligible for. Answer 20 simple questions to be sorted in one of four houses.

What Is the Ilvermorny House Quiz and Why Should I Take It?

The Ilvermorny quiz is a set of personality and knowledge questions to reveal your house. There are two reasons why you should take this test.

Because Everything’s Different in #Merica

The sorting ceremony in Ilvermorny is different from what you saw in British witchcraft and wizardry school (AKA Hogwarts).

Moreover, the houses’ values are altered in Mount Greylock. So, you might be surprised to see the results—especially if you have already taken the Harry Potter House Quiz.

Because It’s Not Like Any Other Harry Potter House Quiz

This is not a typical Pottermore quiz. QuizExpo’s test is focused on your personality, decisions, and actions. So, it’s much more than an ordinary quiz. It’s designed to reveal the fantastic beast in you.

What Are the Questions About?

  • Your personality: Most of the queries expose who you are—rather than what you like. So, they’ll challenge your personality as a candidate Ilvermorny student.
  • Your knowledge: Your current knowledge about witchcraft and wizardry can determine your future house. So, some of the questions challenge your information.
  • Your deeds: During the Ilvermorny House quiz, you’ll find yourself making important decisions. That’s because your actions matter regarding the sorting process.

Hogwarts Houses Quiz VS. Ilvermorny Houses Quiz

What’s the difference?

The Ilvermorny sorting quiz is more of a psychological test than a this-or-that check. According to J.K. Rowling, the sorting ceremony of Isolt’s school is non-verbal. So, the students only stand in front of four statues, waiting for one to choose them. So, the queries aim to reveal the witch or wizard within you without being too specific.

Note: Don’t overthink the options. You get the best result when you select the options based on your feelings. There’s no right or wrong in this test. So, empty your mind and let your unconscious do the rest.

Do the 4 Hogwarts’ Houses match the Ilvermorny Houses?

Some think that the four houses in Massachusetts are the equivalent of those in Hogwarts. (No Potterhead would think so, though). That’s because some of their traits seem to be similar. For instance, a Horned Serpent student is a scholar. And a Ravenclaw student is wise. So, it’s safe to say they resemble each other. However, Potterheads know that small details matter when it comes to sorting. So, matching the schools regarding those similarities is not accurate.

The following table shows the dissimilarity between the two organizations.






Pukwudgie healer brave




Wampus warrior loyal




Horned Serpent scholar wise




Thunderbird adventurer cunning Slytherin


What Does the Ilvermorny House Quiz Result Reveal About You?


Character: Taking the test reveals what kind of a person you are. Are you a caring person? Do you prefer actions over words? Are you an adventurer? Or you prefer to be a bookworm magician? You can find the answer to all these questions (and more) by taking the Ilvermorny House quiz.

Decisions: What do you do if you face an Acromantula? What strategy do you choose to fight Dark Witches or Wizards? What is your priority as a magician? Take the quiz to find out. The Ilvermorny sorting test puts you in various scenarios to push you to make challenging decisions. And that helps the four statues to get to know you before choosing you for their schools.

Information: How much do you know about magic in North America? Taking the Ilvermorny House quiz is an excellent way to assess your knowledge. It’s not a Trivia test. However, you still need to be familiar with the Harry Potter universe and witchcraft to complete it.

[Bonus]: What if Famous People Took the Ilvermorny House Quiz?

Have you ever wondered what wizardry schools would famous people attend? We inspected four celebrities and matched their traits with the four houses of Ilvermorny institute. Here are the results.

Keanu Reeves: He’s the good boy of Hollywood. Everyone talks about how kind and caring he is. So, the Pukwudgie statue would raise its arrow to select him. However, we’ve all seen him kicking some asses in John Wick movies. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Wampus statue roared for him as well.

Chris Brown: Unlike Keanu, Chris is a well-known Hollywood bad boy. He’s a lot likely to get himself into trouble out of a sudden. So, should he be a wizard, he’d most likely go to Thunderbird school. That’s where all the adventurers go.

Eminem: Em’ is a real-deal warrior. He has been fighting addiction for the past decade. He’s also a daring father who’d do anything to keep his daughters safe. So, there’s no doubt that he’d end up being a Wampus student. It’s easy to imagine the panther roaring for him as soon as he steps into the sorting circle. But Eminem is also a brilliant musician. Some even say he does magic with words. So, it’s likely that the Horned Serpent’s crystal would light up encountering him.

Morgan Freeman: His voice is enough to sort him. Morgan is the symbol of wisdom in Hollywood movies. And that is a trait you could see in his daily life as well. He’s a talented actor who’s knowledgeable about many topics other than his job—acting. So, the Horned Serpent statue would willingly light up its crystal to have Morgan in its school.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Should you choose a job in the HP universe, what would it be?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 1
    • Alchemist

    • Apparition Examiner

    • Auror

    • Breeder

  • 2
    Imagine you encounter an Acromantula. You want to fight it but there’s a terrified No-Maj nearby who may get hurt. What do you do?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 2
    • I’d fight it anyway and save the No-Maj

    • My priority would be saving the No-Maj

    • I’d combine Protego Maxima and Fianto Duri spells to protect the No-Maj and then fight the Acromantula

    • I’d try some of my new spells on the Acromantula

  • 3
    What makes a witch or wizard invincible? (In your opinion)
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 3
    • Their mind

    • Their intentions

    • Their soul

    • Their body

  • 4
    If you were an Animagus, which animal would you rather turn into?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 4
    • A panther

    • A bird

    • A snake

    • A fantastic creature

  • 5
    One of your No-Maj friends is wounded. Which magical herb would you use to help them?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 5
    • Flobberworm Mucus

    • Dittany

    • Moly

    • I’d use my magic

  • 6
    Which Quidditch position is your favorite?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 6
    • Seeker

    • Keeper

    • Chaser

    • Beaters

  • 7
    If you had only one magical power, what it be?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 7
    • Apparition

    • Invisibility

    • Flight

    • Invincibility

  • 8
    Who’s your favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ character?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 8
    • Gellert Grindelwald

    • Queenie Goldstein

    • Porpentina Goldstein

    • Newton Scamander

  • 9
    A group of Dark Witches is about to attack you and your friends. What would you like to have on your side to help you out?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 9
    • Someone who’d alert us before they attacked

    • I’d like to have a group of powerful witches and wizards to fight them back

    • A powerful shield charm to save everybody against them

    • A couple of fantastic creatures to help us fight them

  • 10
    You’ve been wounded in a Quidditch match. Which part of your body is wounded? (Use your imagination).
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 10
    • My face

    • My hand

    • My legs

    • My chest

  • 11
    Should you be the head of MACUSA, what bills would you pass? (What laws would you make?)
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 11
    • I’d obligate young students to learn self-defense

    • I’d force schools to teach healing spells to every student

    • I’d allow young students to travel with their wands even before they turn 17

    • I’d try to find new ways to fight Dark Magic

  • 12
    Which is your favorite way to kill a dangerous creature?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 12
    • Shoot it with a poisonous arrow

    • I don’t like killing

    • I’d catch it alive and try a couple of spells on it before killing it

    • Fly above it and kill it with a strong spell

  • 13
    Do you think sympathizing with the non-magical community is a betrayal?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 13
    • Yes, being a Blood Traitor should not be forgiven

    • No, of course not

    • I don’t know. It depends

    • Everyone should be respected regardless of their blood

  • 14
    What would you do if you saw Gormlaith?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 14
    • I’d kill her right away

    • I’d be cautious not to allow her to put me and my wand to sleep

    • I’d exchange a couple of words before killing her

    • I’d try to convince her that what she’s doing is wrong

  • 15
    Choose the word that sounds pleasing to you.
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 15
    • Arrow

    • Plant

    • Book

    • Travel

  • 16
    You saw a dream that seems to be going to change your life. What was it?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 16
    • I found a huge shining diamond in my dream

    • I was fighting a predator

    • I saved the world

    • I discovered a mysterious castle in a jungle

  • 17
    Which of the following options scars you the most?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 17
    • Giant insects

    • Darkness

    • Being trapped in a dungeon

    • Being stabbed from behind

  • 18
    Would you ever try to use dark magic?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 18
    • Only if I have no other option

    • No. Never!

    • I’d wonder how it feels like. So, maybe?

    • All dark magic does is causing harm. So, no.

  • 19
    There is a locked door that would open only if you shout the 4 magical words in the right order. The words are: Dare, Data, Deed, and Demolish. How would you order these words to open the door?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 19
    • Demolish, Deed, Data, Dare

    • Dare, Deed, Data, Demolish

    • Data, Dare, Deed, Demolish

    • Deed, Dare, Data, Demolish

  • 20
    You have the chance to choose your master to teach you wizardry. What kind of teacher would you choose?
    Ilvermorny House Quiz. 100% Accurate Sorting Test 20
    • Someone who’s not afraid of trying new things

    • A teacher who’d teach me how to teach myself when they’re gone

    • A strong witch or wizard whom I can rely on

    • A kind and caring teacher

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