Am I Stupid? This 100% Honest Quiz is Going to Reveal It

If you are looking for the answer to “Am I stupid” this quiz helps you find out if you have any symptoms to be dumb, unintelligent, or stupid. It is 100% honest

Am I Stupid

A Genuine Stupidity Test

This is not an IQ test. Instead of evaluating how smart you are, the questionary reveals how stupid you might be. Stupidity is not the opposite of being smart. That is why a genuine stupid test, like the one on this page, should NOT assess your IQ.

Science and common sense agree that you could find many silly people among the intellects and well-educated individuals. So, it is not a matter of your mental power. Silliness is all about your manners, decisions, and ideologies—which are the main parameters assessed on this quiz.

Every Other Quiz Is Stupid! (Here Is Why)

Most Am I Stupid quizzes on the web evaluate your intelligence quotient. So, they claim, those with less IQ are more foolish. However, that is only a shameful idea. There is no relation between being dumb and having a low level of intelligence or less thinking capacity.

As Carlo Cipolla suggested, “The probability that a certain person is stupid is independent of any characteristics.” So, that most online stupidity tests focus on your intelligence makes them invalid and inaccurate.

This “Am I Stupid?” Quiz Is Based on Carlo Cipolla’s Work

The stupid detector on this page is according to The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by M. Cipolla. He claimed, a fatuous person is the one that causes damage to both himself/herself while hurting others. The primary symptom of foolishness in this sense is being detrimental regardless of your gain and loss.

Our foolishness test uses Cipolla’s work as the basis of detecting the stupid ones. Although being an economic historian, Cipolla’s essay on human idiocy is the most reliable source to diagnose the condition accurately.

The ULTIMATE Answer to “Am I Dumb?”

In short, there is no ultimate answer to questions like, “am I dumb?” or “am I stupid?” According to the Dunning-Kruger Effect theory, foolish people cannot spot their foolishness. The idea is that you need certain skills to measure your incompetence. And the said skills are the ones that a fool person is missing.

Here is how Dunning explains it in one of his books, “If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent … The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is.”

The Symptoms of Stupidity Diagram

The following diagram is the one our Am I Stupid test uses to analyze your responses and return accurate results. (It was first created by the author of the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity).

Symptoms of Stupidity

Questions to Ask Instead of “Am I Stupid?”

No matter how hard you try, there is no concrete answer to such subjects. Plus, a simple yes or no answer would not even help you. So, here are some helpful and beneficial ideas to think about instead of dump questions—pun intended.

#1: Do I underestimate the number of fools around me?

“Everyone underestimates the number of fool individuals in every circumstance,” says Carlo M. Cipolla. So, maybe it is the foolishness of the people surrounding you that made you ask, am I stupid?

#2: Am I aware that the characteristics of a person do not make them stupid?

Being the least intelligent or smart person in the room does not make you the most stupid one. There is no known connection between an individual’s IQ and silliness. Take Donald Trump as an example. According to some unverified resources, his IQ score is 156! But take a look at his decisions as to the president of the United States. His record is full of embarrassing nonsense decisions and acts.

#3: Do I know how dangerous a stupid person is?

It is not about how stupid you are. It is about how dangerous a silly individual could be. Such personas cause difficulties and harm even when there is no gain in them. So, they are worse than bandits and criminals—because you can predict their intentions and be prepared. However, with foolish people, all you get is sudden irrational, harmful actions.

#4: Am I willing to change for the better?

What is the point in asking am I dumb when the answer does not change you? A better approach is to think about your willingness to change. There is a degree of irrationality and idiocy in all of us. However, how determined are you to reduce it? That is the most important thing to think about.

What Are You if You Are NOT Stupid?

The Am I Stupid quiz uses Cipolla’s model to distinguish participants. So, you non-silly people who take the test fall into one of the following three categories.

  • Intelligent. You and everyone around you benefit from your actions, deed, and behaviors.
  • Helpless. You hurt yourself to benefit others—even when there is no gain.
  • Bandit. You hurt others to benefit from their loss.

There Is No Way to Decide How Stupid You Are

Taking the Am I Stupid quiz is one way to get a yes or no answer. However, there is no known method to estimate or evaluate the scale of one’s foolishness. That is mainly because a foolish person does not follow a predictable pattern when doing something wrong.

The Am I Stupid QUIZ Is Not for Shaming You!

All the ideas and the questions presented in this quiz are not meant to be for shaming. The kind of foolishness that we talk about is not related to your IQ or any other characteristics.

The only purpose of the Am I Dumb test is to see if your deeds are unnecessarily damaging or not. If yes, you are a foolish person in the eyes of the quiz. If not, you are either a bandit, an intelligent person, or a hopeless individual. (And none of the said adjectives are used offensively).

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