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Do you feel like people value your opinions? 5

  • No, I feel the opposite

  • Yes, most people do

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Question: Do you feel like people value your opinions?

Quiz: Gender Composition Test. 100% Free Quiz to Reveal Your Role

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Take the Gender Composition Test to assess if you’ve experienced inequality or social injustice in school, workplace, or society.

What Is the Gender Composition Test?

The Gender Composition Test is a gender representation assessment. It analyzes diversity, revealing instances of inequality experienced in work, education, or society at large.

Gender composition refers to the balance or imbalance of individuals within a group, primarily based on gender roles. However, it also intersects with various other factors, including racial profiles, sexual orientations, ethnicity stereotypes, and even political views.

Self-Test the Effect of Gender Composition

To assess if you’ve been affected by gender composition imbalance, answer these questions:

  • Do you feel included in decision-making?
  • Do you feel alienated from your colleagues?
  • Do others support your gender identity?
  • Do your gender and sexuality values align with your group?

If you answered two or more questions with “Yes,” your workplace is toxic.

Why Does Gender Diversity Matter?

Gender exclusivity has long hindered minorities, particularly women, from accessing specific sectors and roles solely based on their gender. Recognizing the importance of diversity in this context is crucial, as it promotes equal opportunities and social justice.

A common misconception regarding gender composition is the belief that companies should be compelled to hire individuals of all genders equally, even if they are not suitable for the job. However, achieving a balanced composition actually means providing equal opportunities for all genders to compete for positions, even if they may not ultimately be selected.

According to Catalyst, in the year 2021, the labor force in the United States included a significant number of women aged 16 and above. These women comprised a majority (56.1%) of the female population in the country and made up a substantial portion (47.0%) of the overall labor force. This alone shows a promising change in the previously male-dominated sectors.

Can Gender Representation Affect Your Performance?

Research indicates that companies with diverse workforces tend to outperform those without. However, it would be inaccurate to attribute this solely to gender roles within a company. In certain instances, studies have shown that men may perform better when they perceive a threat from the opposite gender, while women may outperform men when they experience similar circumstances.

Indeed, studies have demonstrated that feeling represented and included has a significant positive impact on individuals’ mental health. Needless to say, achieving a balanced gender composition is a crucial element in creating a non-exclusive environment that promotes such feelings of representation and inclusion.

Things That the Gender Composition Test Reveals

By taking this equality and diversity test, you get to find out the following:

  • The effect of gender exclusivity on your mental health.
  • Your actual views on equality and social justice.
  • Your workplace, school, or community’s toxic gender stereotypes.

If you’re ready, tap the start button now. The questions on this page will expose everything about gender composition and its effect on your life.