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How do you deal with trauma?
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    Drinks or smokes

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    Family or friends

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    I just hide my pain and move on


Question 1: How do you deal with trauma?

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Wondering which Virgin River character looks like you ahead of Season 6? Take this exclusive VR Fam test to match your personality with the cast.

Here’s Who You Are in Virgin River

After rewatching all five seasons of Virgin River, I realized my comfort characters have changed gradually—as I grew older. But I wonder if the same is true about the VR Fam and if everyone feels this way. So, um, that’s why I created a brand-new character test!

With 20 personality questions, the Virgin River Quiz decides whether you’re a Team Mel or Team Jack character. (I myself matched Hope, which is cute.)

If you’re new to the fandom, “Virgin River” on Netflix is a romantic drama that follows the story of Mel, a widowed nurse who relocates to a small town after experiencing traumatic events. In this quaint town, Mel finds herself falling in love with Jack and seizing the opportunity for a fresh start in life.

Now, if you want to know which character from the show matches your personality, just answer my thematic questions. As a diehard member of the VR Fam, I’ve tried to keep things story-relevant so that you get 100% accurate results.

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Find Your Virgin River Character with MBTI

Being a TV show nerd, I spent a good chunk of my day creating a map of MBTI types for Virgin River characters. The outcome? A detailed table of personality types that could help you discover your doppelganger—without even bothering to take the test.

Character MBTI
Melinda “Mel” Monroe ESFJ
Jack Sheridan ISFJ
John “Preacher” Middleton ISFJ
Vernon “Doc” Mullins ISTJ
Lizzie ESFP
Ricky Sudder INFP
Hope McCrea ESTJ
Calvin ENTJ


If you don’t relate to persona typologies, check out the following descriptions instead. Your Virgin River character is most likely the one you resonate with the most.

Melinda “Mel” Monroe

As the show’s protagonist, Mel is a compassionate, resilient, and empathetic woman. However, due to her traumatic past, she struggles with trust issues and fears commitment.

Jack Sheridan

Jack, Mel’s love interest, is portrayed as a trustworthy, loyal, and charismatic man. He goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and happiness of his loved ones. However, Jack’s character also harbors a darker side due to his ongoing battle with PTSD, which has led him to grapple with alcoholism in the past.


Preacher, Jack’s stoic friend, is known for being composed, supportive, and protective. Whenever his friends require assistance, he is always the first one to arrive, ready to lend a helping hand and tackle the issue at hand.

Dr. Vernon “Doc” Mullins

Despite his grumpy demeanor, Doc is a caring, responsible, and pragmatic person. His primary goal is to assist the townspeople in living happy and healthy lives. However, he is occasionally prone to losing his temper or unintentionally upsetting others with his bluntness.

Season 5 Part 2 Events Included

I went ahead and made sure to include all the juicy lore details from November’s Part 2 in the test. Yep, that means there might be a few spoilers, but hey, it also means you’re in for a quiz that’s way more true to the show’s lore. So, get ready for some epic questions!

When I saw the first trailer for Season 5’s Part 2, it had me feeling a mix of relief and unease. It was nice to see Mel and Jack finally getting some quality time together, away from all the drama and trauma. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but get a bit freaked out by Preacher’s poker face, like he knew something bad was about to go down. (On the bright side, Charmaine is finally having her twins, so that’s something to celebrate, right?)

Take This Virgin River Quiz While Waiting for Season 6

I was super excited for the final chapter of Season 5. The good news is we’ll also be treated to two bonus Christmas episodes to get us in the mood for the upcoming season. But if you’re as impatient as I am for Season 6, why not kill some time with this personality quiz? (I know, the next season is a whole year away. Bummer!)

Anyway, I’m here to reveal your Virgin River character with uncanny accuracy. Just answer my VR-themed questions, and you’ll meet your doppelganger in no time. Let’s get started.


QuizExpo does not own the images in this test and intends no copyright infringement. Netflix owns all the said pictures.