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How would you sell a haunted house?
  • a

    Emphasize potential for renovation

  • b

    Emphasize the history and backstory

  • c

    Emphasize unique experience potentials

  • d

    Emphasize the market value

  • e

    Downplay the haunted aspect


Question 1: How would you sell a haunted house?

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Hey, reality show fans, which Selling Sunset character are you? Take this realtor personality quiz to find out. Are you Christine, Bre, Nicole, or else?

This Realtor Quiz Reveals Your Selling Sunset Character

Comprised of 20 personality questions, the Selling Sunset Character Quiz exposes the agent in the show that gives off the same vibes as you. It determines if you are one of the iconic realtors, such as Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn, or one of the show’s newcomers, like Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young.

Selling Sunset is a Netflix reality show about a team of agents at the Oppenheim Group who sell luxurious houses in LA. But the show also sheds light on the drama between these realtors in a similar fashion to The Bachelor and The Real Housewives.

With the current test, we analyze your MBTI and compare it with that of the Selling Sunset characters to find your perfect match. But if you already know your type, use the following table to discover your lookalike.

Selling Sunset Character MBTI
Nicole Young ESTJ
Bre Tiesi ESFP
Chelsea Lazkani ENFJ
Mary Fitzgerald ESFJ
Christine Quinn ESTP
Chrishell Stause ESFJ
Emma Hernan ESTJ
Maya Vander ISTJ
Romain Bonnet ISFP
Brett Oppenheim ISTP
Jason Oppenheim ESTJ


What Types of Personalities Are in Selling Sunset?

You want to know which Selling Sunset agent you are. But that brings out another question: What kind of people are in the show? Well, we’ve analyzed the most iconic personalities to come up with the following list.

Chrishell Stause

As an ESFJ, Chrishell is a bubbly, outgoing, and positive real estate agent. She tries her best to remain empathetic and listens to everyone’s complaints despite being a sensitive person.

Christine Quinn

The show’s OG face, Christine, is a bold, assertive, and sassy realtor. She is not afraid of speaking up for herself and is ambitious enough to fight for the biggest contracts in Los Angles. Christine is also a fashionista who can’t get enough of shopping for new designer pieces.

Heather Rae Young

When it comes to professionalism, Heather tops the list of Selling Sunset agents. She’s a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate realtor who values every chance of bettering her skills.

Bre Tiesi

Despite her villain-ish vibes, Bre is a supportive and free-spirited person. But she’s also confident and competitive, which is why her Season 6 appearance caused drama and chaos in Selling Sunset.

Are You an OG or Newbie Realtor of the Oppenheim Group?

The good thing about the Selling Sunset Quiz is that it includes both the new and old cast members. So, you have the opportunity to match one of the beloved characters from the original gang or find yourself relating to a newbie Season 6 realtor.

By the way, if you like Netflix reality shows, you should try our other fun quiz for The Mole. It exposes the shady side of you with a bunch of entertaining—and intense—questions.

Can You Sell the $75 Million House?

Okay, it’s time to answer the big question: Which Selling Sunset character are you? Hit the start button now, and let us unveil the real estate freak in you. 🏠💸

Not only will we discover your matching agent, but we will also explain the reasons why you got them on your results. So, it’s going to be a surprisingly informative test. (Promise.)


QuizExpo does not own the images in the Selling Sunset Character Quiz and intends no copyright infringement. Netflix owns the said pictures.