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Describe the Darkners in one word.
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Question 1: Describe the Darkners in one word.

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Do you want to know which Deltarune character you are? This quiz reveals whether you are Kris, Susie, Ralsei, or Noelle.

This Deltarune Quiz Finds Your Character

With its twenty lore-inspired questions, the Deltarune Character Quiz identifies which of the OG personalities of the video game you represent in real life. It basically analyzes your characteristics to reveal if you’re Kris, Susie, Ralsei, Noelle, or other characters like Lancer.

Created by Toby Fox, Deltarune is a role-playing video game. It’s considered a prequel to Undertale, another popular game by the same developer. Deltarune follows the story of Kris and Susie, who accidentally step into a portal that takes them into the Dark World. They then team up with other characters like Ralsei to get back to their home, Hometown.

The current personality test uses the same storyline to come up with creative questions that expose your matching character.

How to Know Which Deltarune Character You Are

The ideal way to discover your Deltarune doppelganger is by an MBTI analysis. Often, the character that shares the same—or a similar—MBTI type as you is your perfect match. If you already know your type, use the following table to see which Deltarune personality looks like you.

Deltarune Character MBTI Type
Ralsei ISFJ
Susie ESTP
Lancer ENFP
Noelle INFP
Berdly ENTJ
The King ESTJ
Asgore Dreemurr ENFJ


#1. Kris

As an INTP, Kris is introverted, quiet, and somewhat melancholic. He hides his emotions and tries to stay away from bonding experiences. But he actually has a soft heart and cares a lot about his loved ones.

#2. Susie

Initially, a Deltarune bad guy, Susie transforms into one of the protagonists toward the end of Chapter 1. She may seem tough and rude, but that’s not her true personality. Susie is a protective friend who goes the extra mile to ensure her loved ones are doing well.

#3. Ralsei

A calm, collected, and wise prince, Ralsei is a trustworthy friend. He sees the good in everyone and strives to help them change for the better.

#4. Noelle

As an INFP, Noelle is slightly timid, but she’s also cheerful and friendly. Her childhood traumas have clearly affected her personality, putting her in constant fear of threat or misfortune. But she manages to overcome her insecurities and turn into one of the protagonists of Deltarune.

Are You a Lightner or Darkner?

With our Deltarune Character Quiz, not only will you find your matching personality, but you will also see if you’re a Lightner or Darkner.

People of Deltarune are divided into two groups: Lightner and Darkner. The former, Lightners, are humans living in the Hometown. The latter, Darkners, are creatures of the Dark World that are also keepers of the Dark Fountains.

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Bonus: Deltarune Chapter 1 & 2 Characters Included

The good news is that the Deltarune Quiz has some of the iconic characters of both Chapters 1 and 2. The Queen, for example, is one of the possible results that many are surprised to get.

Take This Test to Find Your Deltarune Doppelganger

Okay, are you a human-like Kris, a monster like Susie, or a prince like Ralsei? Take this Deltarune Personality Quiz to find your perfect match in minutes.


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