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What’s your favorite dessert?
  • a

    Anything homemade

  • b

    Something light and fruity

  • c

    Something elegant like a classic tiramisu

  • d

    Good old chocolaty stuff


Question 1: What’s your favorite dessert?

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We’ve created a baking personality quiz to reveal which cake you are. Answer simple questions to see if you are butter, sponge, chiffon, or angel food cake.

Cakes and Personalities

We certainly believe in cakes having unique personalities. For any baking enthusiast, it’s common knowledge that a butter cake exudes warmth and sweetness, while a spicy chocolate one embodies a fiery and adventurous spirit. Keeping these distinct traits in mind, we’ve compiled a table of ‘cakes & personalities,’ matching each MBTI type with its corresponding cake type.

So, based on your MBTI, here’s your type:

MBTI Type Cake Type
ISTJ Butter
ISFJ Carrot
INFJ Red Velvet
INTJ Black Forest
ISTP Chocolate Lava
ISFP Rainbow
INFP Lemon Drizzle
INTP Cheesecake
ESTP Tiramisu
ESFP Funfetti
ENFP Pineapple Upside-Down
ENTP Coffee
ESTJ Pound
ESFJ Angel Food
ENFJ Hummingbird
ENTJ Fruitcake


Things That Reveal Your Cake Personality

You might be curious about what aspects of your personality determine your cake-like characteristics. The answer lies in your flavor preferences, beverage choices, design inclinations, and color selections. Through our test, we examine your preferences in these bakery-related aspects to determine which delicious, sweet treat resonates with your personality.

  • Favored Flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, or something fruity? The flavor you pick for your cake correlates with the type of person you are. For instance, vanillas are romantic and caring, while chocolate lovers are bold and sensual.
  • Desired Designed: Would you like your cake to look like a detailed statue? Or would you rather it with a rustic, homemade look? Your choice determines the kind of cake you are. (Hint: Analytical people choose complex designs, while outgoing individuals prefer casual looks.)
  • Darndest Drinks: Hot or cold? Sweet or strong? The beverage you pick for your sweet treats is a part of your personality. Hot-drink fans, for example, are intimate and sociable. Cold beverage lover, on the other hand, are often goal-oriented and workaholic.
  • Comfort Colors: What’s your favorite color when it comes to cakes? White, pink, blue, or maybe even orange? The color theory proves your choice to be character-exposing.

By the way, if reading about cakes has made you crave something sweet, maybe you should check out our other quiz called Am I Addicted to Sugar? (It accurately reveals if you have a sweet tooth.)

Some Popular Cakes You Might Be

The four primary cake types include butter, sponge, chiffon, and angel food. Each of these types corresponds to one of the four personality categories: Outgoing, Creative, Refined, and Energetic. Here’s what you need to know.


Butter cake personalities are characterized as warm, comforting, kindhearted, and sweet. These individuals are known for their giving and caring nature, lifting spirits with their bright souls and soothing energy.


If you’re a sponge cake, you embody a carefree, lighthearted, and creative spirit. You adapt to new circumstances swiftly, always appreciating the beauty of the present moment rather than dwelling on the allure of the future or the weight of the past.

Angel Food

Angel Food cake personalities are characterized by calmness and gentleness. They maintain composure even under pressure, radiating serene and reliable vibes.


A Chiffon cake personality exudes sophistication and elegance. Individuals matching this type are classy, traditional, and respectful, placing a high value on ethics and manners above all else.

Find Your Cake Type Today (with a Fun Quiz)

We know which cake you are. (No cap.) All you need to do is let us ask you fifteen analytical—yet sweet—questions. By the end of the Cake Personality Quiz, you discover your baked doppelganger and learn more about your foodie persona.

C’mon! Let’s cake up your personality. 🍰