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What’s the first thing you do when you’re mad at your partner?
  • a

    I stop talking to them, or I cry

  • b

    I talk to them calmly and explain my feelings

  • c

    I often let them know that I’m mad at them

  • d

    I usually hide my emotions and pretend I’m fine


Question 1: What’s the first thing you do when you’re mad at your partner?

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The Loveprint Quiz identifies your lover persona and reveals how you are in romantic relationships. Just answer 20 simple questions to get accurate results.

Loveprint Quiz Explained

Comprised of a series of romance questions, the Loveprint Quiz is a dating personality analyzer. It categorizes you into one of the 16 Loveprints, which are different lover personas.

Your Loveprint is your style of communication, partnership, intimacy, and vulnerability in romantic relationships. It is your way of showing and receiving affection combined with your views on emotional and physical closeness.

How to Know What Your Loveprint Is

To find your Loveprint, analyze the primary factors: How you communicate, how you commit, how you get intimate, and how you express your vulnerabilities.


The communication spectrum has two ends: Active and Reflective. Active Loveprints are extroverted communicators, while Reflective ones are the opposite.


You are either an “I” or a “we” person. The latter means you value your independency regardless of the relationship status. And the latter means you prefer shared activities—but it doesn’t necessarily tell you to dislike independency.


Loveprints have various intimacy styles. On one end, some prioritize emotional closeness; on the other, some prefer physical intimacy.


A person can have a guarded or open vulnerability style. A Loveprint with guarded vulnerability finds it challenging to express insecurities. But the one with open vulnerability is expressive.

The Meaning Behind Loveprint Letters

Like with Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Loveprint letters distinguish personalities—within the framework of love and romance.

The first letter is A or R, which stands for Active or Reflective. The second is I or W, which stands for I or We. The third is E or P, which stands for Emotional or Physical. And the last one is G or O, which stands for Guarded or Open.

Based on its four-factor system, the Loveprint Quiz has 16 personality types that are as follows:

  • AWPO
  • AWEO
  • RWPO
  • RWEO
  • AWPG
  • AWEG
  • AIPO
  • RWPG
  • AIEO
  • RWEG
  • RIPO
  • RIEO
  • AIPG
  • AIEG
  • RIPG
  • RIEG

How the Loveprint Trend Started

Initially created by Jubilee’s Nectar Comma Love branch, the Loveprint Test took over the internet via TikTok. TT users liked the relatable results of the quiz, sharing them with their friends and followers on the app.

But this is not the first time a romance-inspired personality quiz has gone viral. Earlier this year, another similar test called the Smile Dating Quiz gained TikTokers’ attention, becoming an online phenomenon.

By the way, people who enjoy the Loveprint Test also like the Bittersweet Quiz, another romantic personality analyzer with touching results.

See What Your Loveprint Is (with a Twist)

Most Loveprint Quizzes are in the agree-disagree format. They give you some statements and ask you to choose the extent to which you agree (or disagree) with them. It’s a reliable process—but it’s inflexible.

The good thing about our Loveprint Quiz is that it has descriptive options for its relatable questions. You don’t have to express yourself through agreement or disagreement. You can choose the answer that makes the most sense to you.

Are you ready to find your Loveprint? Hit the start button for an accurate analysis.



QuizExpo is not associated with any of the names/companies mentioned on the test. And the Loveprint Quiz is an independent personality test, intending no copyright infringement.