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What’s your prominent mood like?
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Question 1: What’s your prominent mood like?

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The Dressing Your Truth Quiz identifies your energy profile to suggest the best style for you. Just answer 15 simple questions to reveal your energy style.

What Is the Dressing Your Truth Quiz

Created by Carol Tuttle, the Dressing Your Truth (also called the DYT Test) is an energy profiling process. Its goal is to identify the participants’ energy type in order to choose the best dressing style for them.

Carol Tuttle is the author of Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Style. In her book, Carol suggests that there are four energy types that influence one’s appearance.

DYT Type Feature
Type 1 Cheerful
Type 2 Calm
Type 3 Confident
Type 4 Consistent


Her fantastic book inspired us to create a comprehensive style quiz based on the 4 DYT Types. With our test, you get to see which energy you have and what element you represent so that you can dress your truth—dress in a way that suits your personality.

What It Means to Dress Your Truth

According to Carol Tuttle, the creator of the DYT theory, dressing your truth means wearing clothes that match your energy. Your energy—or your truth—is the vibes you give off and the traits that make you unique.

Unlike other style quizzes like the Kitchener Essence, the Dressing Your Truth Test prioritizes personality aspects. DYT, therefore, means creating a personalized style that represents and appreciates the type of person you are.

How to Know Which Energy Type You Have

To determine your DYT Type, you should analyze your core characteristics: Likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, facial features, and even your body language.

Based on Carol Tuttle’s theory, there are four energy categories known as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. Here’s what they represent.

Type 1

Represented by air, Type 1 is a cheery, energetic, and bright woman. She is animated, friendly, and outgoing. But she’s also quite creative and imaginative.

Type 2

Represented by water, Type 2 is a calm, collected, and quiet woman. She is sensitive, gentle, and thoughtful. But she’s also a strategist who is excellent at planning and organizing.

Type 3

Represented by fire, DYT Type 3 is an active, determined, and hardworking woman. She is slightly edgy and aggressive. But she’s also an excellent leader because she prioritizes acting and making things happen.

Type 4

Represented by the earth, Type 4 is a levelheaded, logical, and emotionally stable woman. She may seem cold and distant at times. But she’s a passionate lady with a knack for seeing the bigger picture and remaining objective.

Take the DYT Quiz to Discover Your Perfect Style

Do you want to know your Dressing Your Truth Type? If yes, take our 100% accurate—and free—quiz. It finds your style roots and reveals your true energy profile to help you dress as desired.

Imagine wearing things you like but making them look good on you! Yes, that’s what the DYT Test helps you achieve.


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