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Question: What type of business specialization is your jam?

Quiz: Quiz: Is Real Estate Right For You? 15 Questions to Reveal

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Is real estate right for you? This career quiz determines if you can be a real estate agent based on 15 professional factors.

How to Know if Real Estate is Right for You

Real estate is a proper career choice if you have strong interpersonal skills, have prior experience, are open to learning more about the housing market, and can handle income fluctuations. Although it is known for its lucrative potential, it is a demanding profession, particularly for those with average communication abilities.

Other factors that determine whether you should choose it as a career:

  • Academic background. A degree in marketing, finance, accounting, business, and even psychology can secure better jobs.
  • Related licenses. If you already have a real-estate-related license, you’re already on the path to making it your career—and you’re one step ahead of the competition.
  • Income expectations. Real estate might be a good choice if you don’t mind a changing salary. This career has a high-risk-high-reward path that might frustrate those seeking financial security.
  • Schedule flexibility. Some jobs in this field require you to work at irregular times. So, it’s only a good career choice if you can adapt to that.
  • Communication style. Soft skills are a must for agents, which is why sociable people are likelier to excel in this career.

Choose Your Career Path with an Expert Quiz

You might be confused about which career to choose in real estate—and we get it. To lend a hand in making a well-informed decision, we have created this Career Quiz, a self-assessment that determines the most suitable job within the field (and even suggests where to find job opportunities).

Should You Become an Agent in 2023

With an average salary of $97,480 per year, a real estate agent is considered a decent career. As for the good news, the Bureau of Labor claims “51,600 openings for brokers and sales agents are projected annually,” meaning you’re highly likely to find a job in less than a year.

Alternative Careers for Agents

There are more career paths available than just becoming an agent or realtor. As of 2023, the industry has witnessed a rise in the popularity of other specialized roles, including real estate portfolio management, development, and consultancy.

  • Agent/Realtor: $97,480 (per year)
  • Portfolio Manager: $128,700 (per year)
  • Developer: $115,000 (per year)
  • Investor: $100,000 (per year)
  • Property Manager: $109,328 (per year)

This Quiz Reveals if You Should Pursue Real Estate

Do you want to ensure that a career in this field is good for you? Then, take this professional real estate agency quiz to find the answer.

If you’re really into real estate, take our Selling Sunset Character Quiz, too. It’s inspired by the titular reality show that follows the everyday lives of top property realtors in the US.

With that out of the way, let’s start the test to see if you should pursue a career in the intriguing sector.