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What would its genre be if your life was a novel?
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    Sci-fi or fantasy

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    Erotica or comedy

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Question 1: What would its genre be if your life was a novel?

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Don’t you wonder which famous book character you are? This bookworm-exclusive quiz reveals your book persona in minutes.

Meet The Book Character You Resemble in Real Life

With the Famous Book Character Quiz, you find out which literary characters are similar to you.

This is a personality test that compares your characteristics with that of world-known fictional characters to find the perfect match.

For a more extensive analysis, try our 5000 Characters Quiz. (It includes famous personalities from movies, songs, and books.)

How the Quiz Finds Your Book Character

Powered by an MBTI analysis, the Famous Book Character Test creates your profile via twenty personality questions. And it then matches your profile to literary personalities, discovering comparable ones.

If you already know your MBTI type, use the following table to find your book character doppelganger.

Book Character MBTI Type
Hermione Granger ISTJ
Jay Gatsby INFJ
The Little Prince INFP
Lolita ESFP
Harry Potter ISFP


Some of the Famous Book Characters That You Might Be

In literature, there are iconic characters that everyone would feel flattered to match. Jay Gatsby, for example, is one of them. He is loyal, successful, and—most importantly—charming.

But what are some other famous literary characters that bookworms love to resemble? (Here’s a list.)

Jay Gatsby

Despite his mysterious façade, Jay Gatsby is just an introvert with idealistic views on life. But The Great Gatsby fans admire him for his undying love and patience.

Holly Golightly

Afraid of being trapped in the cage of love, Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an adventurer who values freedom above all. She doesn’t want to exchange her free spirit for romance and is willing to better her life on her own.

Brienne of Tarth

Unlike the Game of Thrones series, Brienne, in the books, is not a perfect warrior. But she is a kind-hearted, righteous, and optimistic young lady willing to put her power to good use.

Harry Potter

Out of all the Harry Potter characters, Harry is the most popular one. He is a fighter, one with a strong sense of right and wrong. In the books and movies, Harry is portrayed as a young man who’s competitive but not cruel. He prefers to be a man of actions—rather than words.

BookTok and BookTWT Characters Included

The good news for TikTok and Twitter bookworms is that the Famous Book Character Quiz has a database of all BookTok- and BookTWT-loved personalities.

In other words, you are likely to match your comfort character, who’s an internet sensation as well.

You can also take the Soldier Poet King Quiz, which recently went viral among BookTokers.

See Which Famous Character in Literature You Are

Still wondering which literary character you represent in real life? Say less. (We’ve got you.) The following questions accurately reveal which famous book character you are in only a few minutes.

Hit the start button to meet your fictional counterpart in the land of classic novels.