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Let’s start with a bang. What kind of foods do you like?
  • a

    Fruits and vegetables

  • b

    Sweets and snacks

  • c

    Homecooked and traditional

  • d

    Modern and professionally made

  • e

    I like all types of foods


Question 1: Let’s start with a bang. What kind of foods do you like?

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Looking for brunch ideas? This food quiz suggests what you should make with more than 100 brunch options based on the theme, ingredients, and diet.

The Brunch Idea Quiz, Explained

As a recipe finder, the Brunch Idea Quiz reveals what you should prepare for this meal. It analyzes your ingredients, intentions, and even skills to offer a series of ideas.

We tried this formula with our other quiz, “What Pie Should I Make?” And our readers seem to love it. So, this time, we want to try our hands at a riskier meal: The BRUNCH!

Answer the basic cooking questions on this page to get a list of fun—and super-delicious—brunches you can make.

How to Know What to Make for Brunch

Unlike the three fundamental meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), brunch is often occasional and thematic. Therefore, external factors such as the theme, timing, and attendees’ diets might influence the menu.


Before making anything for the brunch, think about the overall premise: Is there a tangible idea behind this meal that could inspire you? For instance, are you planning on having outdoor food? If yes, why not turn it into a barbecue or tropical food?

Occasion and Timing

The date and timing matter when picking a brunch to make. For example, Sundays are excellent for cocktails. However, weekday foods with no specific occasion go well with buffet ones—with different choices to cover most tastes.

Recipes and Diets

Brunches help with socializing. But for that, they must first be inclusive. It’s crucial to know if the guests have a specific diet or are allergic to certain foods before making any plans.

What Are Some Easy Ideas

Although brunch resembles a fancier variety of breakfast, it’s still more enjoyable with easy recipes. So, to help multiply the fun, the following are three quick ideas for your next banquet.

·Mini Bagel Sandwich

If you don’t have enough time to prepare an extravagant brunch, fill some slices of bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced cucumbers, and red onions. And boom! You have some mini bagel sandwiches that are excellent for menus.

·Pancakes or Waffles

A couple of pancakes or waffles with pre-made mixes served with syrup, fresh fruits, or whipped cream could be a go-to brunch.

· Fruit Salad

If all plans fail, put a bunch of matching fruits in a bowl, add some extra lemon juice or honey for heavenly flavor, and serve it as a refreshing fruit salad.

By the way, it may seem irrelevant, but we have a fun quiz that determines which fruit you are. Make sure to give it a try if you’re a fruity person.

Ready to Find Your Dream Recipe?

Do you still want to know what you should make for the bunch? Well, the good news is that we have the answer. The brunch quiz on this page identifies the best theme, recipe, and items for your next breakfast-lunch hybrid meal! ☕🍰🥓