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How do you feel about your previous pregnancy?
  • a

    It was a horrible experience.

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    It was okay.

  • c

    It was a beautiful experience.


Question 1: How do you feel about your previous pregnancy?

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Do you overthink, “Should I have another baby?” This parenthood quiz helps you figure it out. Should you get pregnant again?

Should You Have Another Baby?

If you’re mentally, physically, and financially prepared, and having another baby is what you desire, you should go for it. But if you’re unsure about another pregnancy and feel unprepared, you’re better off without another baby.

Reasons to have another baby:

  • Your other kid(s) will have a playmate.
  • You will experience beautiful aspects of parenthood again.
  • Your family will extend further.
  • You will be a more experienced and less anxious parent.
  • You will have more people to love and receive the love of.
  • It will bring you and your spouse/partner closer.

Reasons not to have another baby:

  • A new baby means more responsibilities.
  • Taking care of a newborn is expensive.
  • Your kids might not get along.
  • You might have less time to care for yourself.
  • It may affect your career negatively.
  • You may need to upsize your house or get a new car.
  • It may lead to mom guilt or postpartum depression.

How to Know if It’s Time for a Second Baby?

You know it’s time for another child when your hopes and excitements outweigh your fears and concerns. You have a realistic vision of another pregnancy’s upsides and downsides. Yet again, you feel like it’s worth it.

Are You Confused? Take the Second-Time Parent Quiz

The second-time parent quiz is a series of 20 parenthood questions to determine whether you should have another baby.

It’s designed for parents wondering, “Am I ready for a baby?”

Since pregnancy is a personal decision, the test is in the self-report format. All it does is help you assess your mental, physical, and financial status for extending your family.

For a less serious (more fun) experience, try “How Many Kids Will I Have?” Let us guess your future.

How Does the Quiz Help with Your Pregnancy Decision?

You must review specific parts of your life before getting pregnant again. These include your mental and physical health, free time, money/budget, marriage, and even the age gap between your kids. And the quiz asks questions that help you clear your mind about them.

Mental conditions.

You should not have another baby if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or any serious mental health issues.

Physical conditions.

According to WHO, you should wait for at least 18 months before another pregnancy. Plus, it’s crucial to get a clinical checkup in advance.

Time management.

Extending your family is going to be time-consuming. You should not go for another kid if you don’t have enough time.


You need to be financially prepared for a new one. Giving birth to a baby alone costs $18,865 on average. And you need to spend at least $17,000 per year to raise a child in the US.


Subsequent pregnancies have different symptoms. You’ll feel and look different. It’s best to consult your OB/GYN before getting pregnant.

Age gap.

While it’s a personal matter, the age gap between your kids can affect your pregnancy decision. A narrow or wide age gap comes with its own downsides.


Whether positive or negative, giving birth to another child affects your relationship with your spouse or partner. And it’s vital to evaluate the impact in advance.

How to Know if You’ll Regret Not Having a Second Child?

Laying off the pregnancy decision might cause fear of missing out. But you won’t regret having another baby if you’ll use all your resources to take care of your current family.

Not having a new baby means you’ll have extra time and money to spend with and on your loved ones, which will keep the regrets away in the future.

Take the Quiz to See if Another Pregnancy is the Right Choice

Still asking yourself, “Should I have another baby?” Take the quiz to find the answer.

The second-time parent quiz helps you evaluate your current condition and figure out how prepared you are for pregnancy.

Note that the test is not exclusive to second-time moms and dads. Anyone with one or more kids can participate and get accurate results.


The second-time parent quiz is not a clinical assessment. You must consult your doctor or OB/GYN before making pregnancy-related decisions.