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Which one’s closer to your views on social justice?
  • a

    It should be a top priority for anyone and all governments

  • b

    I would like to live in a world where social justice is a thing

  • c

    I think the idea of social justice is too idealistic


Question 1: Which one’s closer to your views on social justice?

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This Gen Z Core Quiz shows how radical of the iGen member you are based on fifteen socioeconomy and psychology factors.

What Does “Gen Z Core” Mean?

Gen Z Core is an umbrella term referring to Generation Z’s stereotypes. When a person belongs to this core, they hold the values and principles of their peers (people born between 1995 and 2012) in high regard.

When used by other generations, the term Gen Z Core often points out clichés about the iGen. (Think irrational use of social media, high rates of depression, and hypersensitivity.) However, the title also implies a positive connotation when used by Gen Zers, indicating higher levels of intelligence, self-awareness, and righteousness.

Gen Z Core Detector

The Gen Z Core Quiz identifies your radicalness among your peers. It’s a set of fifteen questions revolving around the core ideologies and attributes of this generation, revealing how identical your identity is to that of a stereotypical American teen.

Warning: There’s also the possibility of matching other generations’ cores. For instance, many Gen Zers discover that personality-wise, they mostly belong to the Millennial Core.

What Reveals How Gen Z Core You Are

You identify how radical a Gen Zer is by analyzing three aspects of their personality: Ideologies, decisions/reactions, and sense of humor.

Gen Z Beliefs

Some of Gen Zers’ core beliefs are social justice, mental health, inclusivity, equality, and sustainability. This generation holds a rather idealistic view of the world in which every gender, race, orientation, and ideology is cherished.

Gen Z Traits

Also referred to as iGen, Generation Z members are technology savvy. They are most likely to be chronically online, and, in older generations’ eyes, they are addicted to their phones. However, objective assessments reveal that Gen Zers better at using modern technology—especially the internet—as a means of social change and positive influence.

Gen Z Humor

These days, the youth’s sense of humor is described as silly, nonsensical, and dark. Most Gen Zers prefer ironic, sarcastic, and self-deprecating humor, which is often not liked by previous generations.

Assess Your Gen Z-ness with a Fun Quiz

It’s easy to determine whether you belong to iGen or not: double-check your birth date. If you were born between 1995 and 2012, you get the Gen Zer title. But it’s a whole other story if you were to figure out how Gen Z Core you are.

We’ve created a personality analyzer that will expose how radical of a member you are in your generation. We basically go over your beliefs and behaviors to create an accurate profile.

Answer these questions to see if you are a true Gen Zer, a Zillennial, or maybe even a normie Millennial.