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Which one motivates you?
  • a

    Creating a peaceful life.

  • b

    Spreading love.

  • c

    Being in love.

  • d

    Helping others.

  • e

    Learning and growing.

  • f

    Pushing myself past my limits.

  • g

    Living an honorable life.

  • h

    Earning more money or achieving more goals.


Question 1: Which one motivates you?

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This feminine energy quiz helps you find out if your leading energy is masculine or feminine. Just answer 20 simple personality questions to reveal.

What Is the Feminine Energy Quiz?

Containing 20 personality questions, the feminine energy quiz is a self-assessment to find your core archetype. It helps you weigh the masculine and feminine power in you, determining the dominant one.

Don’t mistake the feminine energy quiz for a gender role test. The latter exposes your vision of femininity and masculinity, while the former assesses your leading force—regardless of gender.

What Is Your Leading Energy?

Your leading energy, also known as core energy, is the feminine or masculine archetype you have actualized by bringing into consciousness. In other words, it’s the inherited potential to think or behave in the frames of masculinity or femininity.

There are two types of leading divine energies:

·        Feminine Energy.

Empowered by intuitiveness, creativity, and maturity, feminine energy is the source of thought and action for left-brain-hemisphere-dominant people who prefer feeling over logic.

·        Masculine Energy

Energized by competition, achievement, dominance, and aggression, people with masculine energy are right-brain-hemisphere dominant and are more thinkers than feelers.

Suggested test: Are you a thinker or a feeler?

How Do I Know If I Have Masculine or Feminine Energy?

Your motives reveal what type of energy source you have. If you want to know your core energy, ask yourself, “What drives me to act or react?” Is it emotion, intuition, logic, or data?

As a rule, the more intuitive you are, the more feminine energy you have. And the more analytical you are, the more masculine energy you have.

What Are the Types of Feminine Energy?

There are seven feminine archetypes: The Lover, the Maiden, the Mother, the Queen, the Huntress, the Sage, and the Mystic.

Feminine Energy Archetype
Connection and creation. The Lover
Effervescence and devotion. The Maiden
Protectiveness and patience. The Mother
Loyalty and sovereignty. The Queen
Independence and ambition. The Huntress
Knowledge and objectivity. The Sage
Introversion and spirituality. The Mystic


Each archetype has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as psychological stereotypes.

By taking the feminine energy quiz, you learn what type you are and what it tells you.

Does Gender Determine Core Energy?

No, sex or gender identity does not determine your core energy. You can be a male with dominant feminine energy or a female with dominant masculine energy.

Sexual orientation is also another irrelevant factor. Having feminine energy doesn’t mean you’re into men and vice versa.

What affects your core energy are your motivations, traits, and decisions.

Why Are Most Feminine Energy Quizzes Toxic?

Archetypes are associated with toxic stereotypes. And unfortunately, many feminine quizzes are based on the same traditional beliefs that toxically discriminate against women.

For instance, many online tests categorize emotional people into the feminine energy type because the “common sense” is that females are more emotional than logical.

Read Before Participation

The idea of masculine vs. feminine energy is outdated. So, beware that the test on this page is merely based on your preferences, not your whole identity as a person. Please, take the results lightly and avoid any labels.

Now, hit the start button and enjoy the test.


QuizExpo is against any discrimination. Please, let us know if you find the questions or results of the test insensitive or inappropriate.