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Quiz: What Food am I? 100% Fun Food quiz!

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This amazing quiz is going to answer your question “What food am I?”. Just answer 20 simple personality questions to reveal your food characteristic!

What food am I? Food quiz

This fun personality quiz reflects you in a way you might have never thought of before! Nourishments are a significant part of our culture and identity; as the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” This proverb verifies the importance of this food quiz. Some meals help your body stay healthy, while some others pose severe threats to your well-being.

Today we are going to totally disregard the medical aspect of provisions and talk about the similarities between people and the junk they eat; consequently, this test answers explicitly to ”what junk food are you?” No offense, but we all have a little darkness inside. This test is designed to warn you about some negative traits you might have unless you shift towards a more balanced diet and personality.

What junk food are you?

Every flower has its thorns, and the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. The same applies to humans. While some of our personality traits make us desirable and hot, the very same characteristics are poisonous in nature. What food am I? The answer will point out the things that you and the resulting cuisine have in common.

The most popular fast food quiz

What food am I? Some fast-foods are classic, conservative, some are more adventurous. Some are mild, some are spicy. In this personality quiz, we picked four of the American’s favorite dishes that represent individuals in real life. Before we get to the examination, let’s talk about the results of what food am I quiz.

The fantastic four

Fast foods consist of more than 50 types of international fast food. We have picked just four to mark the differences between you and other people in this food quiz. Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fish and chips, and pepperoni pizza are the junk foods you might be similar to.


I love cheeseburgers. They are the perfect combination of bread, meat, and vegetables. Throw some melted cheddar into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a killer lunch. Since cheeseburger has been on the menu for about a century, it can still be considered a modern fast food, especially compared to hotdog and falafel.

Are you a cheeseburger?

Cheeseburger characters are cute; in addition, they make great friends due to their genuine kindness. However, they might be a bit envious sometimes. It is difficult to spot their jealousy, though, because they can hide the greens under their soft and chubby bun.

Chicken nuggets

If I were on Guns N’ Roses, I would have sung “nug nug nuggets on heaven’s door.” They are one of the best options among fried chickens because, unlike chicken wings, you don’t have to make a mess when eating them. Nuggets taste great, yet they are best when accompanied by their friends: French fries and salad.

What If I’m Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken nuggets are neat, light, and classy. They look great when they are around their buddies; however, they can’t stand loneliness. Their place is right in the center of others’ attention. Therefore, these people tend to be attention seekers, and sometimes they will exaggerate and bluff to become noticed. Despite that, they are great storytellers and fun to hang out with.


Fish and chips

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,” says Shakespeare, the acumen English poet, and this time the maritime bounty comes as an English dish, the holy fish and chips. The cuisine goes back to over 150 years when British sailors reigned the world. Fish are nutritious meals; however, when dip fried and topped with French fries, they wouldn’t be considered healthy anymore; however, they are undeniably tasty.

How are Fish and Chips chaps?

These people are the modern aristocrats. They come from prestigious backgrounds and have myriad achievements. They treat others with respect and don’t care how others think bout them. You don’t need to be a part of the royal family to be a fish and chips person; it’s something about your persona that makes you as sophisticated as the old Galleons. However, fish and chips people can be condescending, just like the British Empire in the 18th century. If you’re a fish and chips person, you are very determined and robust; however, you can’t stand criticism and have a tendency to manipulate others.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza was made by grafting Italian genius into the American lifestyle. Thus, it is extra spicy and can be considered a revolutionary meal. Pepperoni Pizza comes with different crusts, sizes, and spiciness, which makes it as diverse as American society. The cheese can also be light like a feature or thick and heavy. In the end, pizza is a great way to cater for your parties.

The perks of pepperoni pizza peeps

Pizza people are hot and admired by most people. They are confident and self-centered, which makes them great leaders. However, when you take something Italian, say from Sicily, and bring it to somewhere in the states like New York, you might create one of the most dangerous gangs of history; that’s what lies in the dark side of pizza people. They can be pretty ruthless when chasing their goals. They defy the norms of society and are considered the ultimate rebels.


Let’s kick the ball rolling: What food am I?

Now that you know about the four popular results that many Americans choose when they eat out, we are going to ask you 20 questions about your interests, likes and dislikes, situational conditions, and questions about your general attitude towards some behaviors. Ask your friends to take the test, share your results, and have fun.

So let’s start the mouth-watering quiz. We hope you enjoy it.