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How would you react if there was a rumor going around about you at school? 5

  • I’d ask for my teacher’s help

  • I’d confront anyone spreading it

  • I’d plan my revenge

  • I would ignore the B.S.

  • I would probably feel super-nervous or depressed


Question: How would you react if there was a rumor going around about you at school?

Quiz: Quiz: Which Gossip Girl Character Are You? 2023 Season Update

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Don’t you wonder which Gossip Girl character you are? This GG Personality Quiz reveals if you’re Serena, Zoya, Julien, or someone else.

The Gossip Girl Personality Quiz Explained

With 15 personality questions, the Gossip Girl Quiz finds your perfect match in the franchise. Basically, it tells you if you’re one of the original 2007 cast members or one of the newbies from the 2021 reboot.

Gossip Girl is a TV adaptation of the titular book series by Cecily von Ziegesar about a group of rich and spoiled teenagers who are exposed by an anonymous blogger called “The Gossip Girl.” In both the original and reboot shows, the main characters have to deal with this mysterious blogger who shares their scandals with the world.

If you want to know which character shares the same personality as you, hit the start button now. The test will confirm your Constance person immediately—and let you know why you’re that specific character.

Also, if you’re into shows like Gossip Girl, consider taking our Pretty Little Liars Quiz next. It has the same teenage drama vibes that you’re looking for.

Are You an OG or a Reboot Character?

A naughty teenager from 2007 or a Gen-Zer from the 2021 reboot? Our Gossip Girl Quiz flips the coin for you. Based on your traits and romantic background, we get to decide which clique you belong in.

The options include the good old Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, and Dan, along with the newbies like Julien, Zoya, Luna, and more!

Are You One of the Teachers or Students?

As the Gossip Girl reboot emphasizes the relationships between teachers and students, we decided to spice up the updated personality quiz by including some teachers in the results. That’s correct! You might even be matched with one of the Constance tutors if you have a penchant for spreading rumors.

Find Your Character Based on MBTI

Finding your doppelganger in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where the affluent students of Gossip Girl reside, is much more complicated than choosing your comfort character. You need substantial evidence to prove a specific student, parent, or teacher genuinely has similar traits to yours. That’s why we present the MBTI matches: In this test, you’ll only be paired with characters who closely align with your personality type.


Character MBTI
Zoya Lott ISFP
Julien Calloway


Audrey Hope ESTJ
Max Wolfe ESFP
Monet de Haan ENTJ
Luna La ESTP
Serena Celia Humphrey


Chuck Bass ESTP
Blair Waldorf ESTJ


Love, Lust, Lie; Which One Decides Your Fate?

You never know if it’s love, lust, or just a huge lie that’s keeping those characters together. But what about your emotion-ships? Take this GG Test to figure that out. We put you in imaginary teen drama scenarios and encourage you to empathize with the show’s characters without you even noticing. Later, we use that info against you and expose your Gossip Girl match.


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