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What type of horror movies are your favorite?
  • a

    Action-orientated ones

  • b

    Deep and philosophical ones

  • c

    Those with lots of hot boys/girls

  • d

    Dark, gloomy, and slow ones

  • e

    I’m into classic horror movies

  • f

    I’m not sure


Question 1: What type of horror movies are your favorite?

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Do you wonder which Scream character you are? This horror quiz exposes your personality. Are you Tara Carpenter, Casey Becker, Mindy, or else?

This Quiz Reveals Your Character in Scream

The Scream Character Quiz is a 20-question personality test determining which iconic boys and girls of the Scream franchise you resemble in real life.

Scream is a horror movie franchise about a serial killer who goes by the name of Ghostface. Most films in the series are about a group of teenagers or young adults who try to fight off this infamous murderer and survive his daunting plans.

The current test you’re about to take uses this franchise’s original and reboot plots to find your perfect match. To create it, we analyzed all characters from old and new installments, compiling a list of the most popular ones.

If you’re a diehard scary movie fan, we recommend checking out our other trending quiz, “Which Horror Movie Character Are You?” It comes with an extensive list of terrifying antagonists, including the ones from the Scream movies.

Updated with Scream VI Characters!

Scream VI is the sixth installment in the franchise and is a direct sequel to the 2022 reboot. It’s about Sam Carpenter, the oldest daughter of the Carpenter family, and her struggles with her family legacy—as she’s fighting off a group of Ghostface killers.

Since Scream VI has been considered one of the most acclaimed installments in the franchise, we updated our quiz with its newly introduced—but incredibly popular—characters, such as Jenna Ortega’s Tara Carpenter and Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter.

How to Know Which Scream Character You Are

Unlike other horror movies that often revolve around unknown creatures and scary toys, Scream is filled with relatable characters with everyday lives that find themselves in the most horrific situations out of the blue.

Moreover, each film in the series has introduced a bunch of memorable characters on top of the OG members, making it much more challenging for Scream fans to find their perfect match.

Despite all that, one way to find your Scream counterpart is by comparing your MBTI type with that of the franchise’s prominent characters. (Use the following table to help with that.)

Scream Character MBTI Type
Chad Meeks-Martin ENFP
Sam Carpenter ESTP
Kirby Reed ENTP
Jason Carvey ENTP
Tara Carpenter ISFP
Mindy Meeks-Martin INTP
Ghostface ISFP


Sam Carpenter

As an ESTP, Sam in Scream 6 is a righteous girl who not only wants to survive but is also eager to overcome her past. She is brave enough to face her childhood traumas and use therapy to fix her messy life. Personality-wise, Sam is protective and strategic, making her a true final girl.

Kirby Reed

Previously known as a tomboy, Kirby, in the latest installments of Scream, is a cool, friendly, and attractive young lady. She is bold and confident while at the same time giving off the vibes of a cute and quirky girl.

Mindy Meeks-Martin

As one of the new Scream characters, Mindy is known as an intelligent, quick-thinking, and nerdy girl who loves horror movies.

Answer 20 Horror Questions, Meet Your Scream Doppelganger

Do you still want to know which Scream character looks like you? Well, this quiz is just for you! With the following horror-movie-inspired questions, you get to see which of the iconic survivors of the Scream franchise you resemble IRL.

But hey, here’s a quick heads-up for you: You may match the Ghostface himself. So, no hard feelings at the end of the test. (We’d love to see your face when you match such a terrifying antagonist, though 😄.)


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