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Which one describes your favorite type of toy?
  • a

    Cute and tiny

  • b

    Durable and cool

  • c

    Complicated and unique

  • d

    Quiet and strange

  • e

    Beautiful and rare

  • f

    I don't like toys


Question 1: Which one describes your favorite type of toy?

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Hey, which Poppy Playtime toy are you? This horror quiz reveals whether you are Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, Mommy Long Leges, etc. Find your dark side!

A Scary Quiz: Which Poppy Playtime Toy Are You?

Here’s a set of twenty eerie questions inspired by the indie horror game by MOB Games to find your exact character match in Poppy Playtime.

Similar to the FNAF Character Test, the goal is to find out which strange toy matches your personality. We analyze your traits, thoughts, and experiences to return precise results.

Discover your dark side.

The big question here is, “Which Poppy Playtime toy are you?” The game introduces several different puppet-like creatures that are scary. You can analyze your dark core to see which one shares the same persona as you by taking the test.

Get a personality analysis.

One of the perks of the Poppy Playtime Quiz is that it breaks down your character. So, by the end, you also know why a particular toy is similar to you and what it means.

See what mental illnesses you might have.

Yes, the test is designed for gamers and fans who ask things like, “Which Poppy Playtime toy am I?” But that’s not all it does. Your responses also enable us to diagnose you with a mental disorder—of course, in a fun and silly way.

How to Know Which Poppy Playtime Toy You Are

Your best bet is to take a genuine online test. However, here’s another alternative if you’re not into personality quizzes. Choose your match after reading the description of the toys. You can use the game’s official fandom or the following examples to see who you represent in real life. (But be mindful that it’s never going to be as accurate as an actual test).

Character Trait
Boogie Bot Playful
Huggy Wuggy Quiet
Kissy Missy Rule-oriented
Bron Hardworking
Mommy Long Legs Mysterious


#1. Huggy Wuggy

Despite being the game’s main antagonist, Huggy is actually warm and welcoming. He’s a quiet and introverted toy in general. But something has happened to him, turning him into a scary murderer with an unsettling smile on his face. If you ask the fans, “Which Poppy Playtime character are you?” not many would pick Huggy Wuggy. But he has a cult-like fanbase that somehow adores him and calls him a blue sour patch kid.

The Dark Side: He can murder any living creature with no mercy.

#2. Kissy Missy

She’s the most rule-oriented and obedient toy in the Poppy Playtime universe. Kissy Missy is also frank and doesn’t hesitate to tell others about their mistakes. The scary events of the factory aside, she seems to be a genuinely nice girl trapped in a terrifying toy-like body.

People who take the Poppy Playtime character quiz and match Kissy Missy have several unique attributes: Responsible, protective, and honest.

The Dark Side: She can be extremely strict and pushy to the point that she would threaten you.

#3. Poppy Playtime

If you ask the fans, “Which Poppy Playtime toy are you?” those who are attentive to their appearance would most likely pick this one. She’s a small, pretty doll who claims to be a real girl. However, she has a strange backstory that explains why she thinks that way.

The Dark Side: She believes that she’s carrying an actual human’s soul and, therefore, can live forever.

#4. Mommy Long Legs

Don’t let her name fool you because she’s one of the scariest toys in the game. Not many would like to see her in their test results as she looks, sounds, and behaves pretty strangely. But Mommy Long Legs is one of the possible results of the quiz. And mysterious people often find themselves matching her.

The Dark Side: Little is known about her. But it’s believed that she can control and manipulate some other Poppy Playtime toys and use them against the player.

Other characters.

The game has more than a bunch of strange toys. So, it might take some time to find your actual match among all. That’s why taking the quiz is still a more reliable option. We have created a database of all the main characters in the game, so discovering your identical toy is easy and accurate.

Why Do Players Want to Know Which Toy They Are?

It is unclear what exactly happened to the toys in the Playtime Co. But the characters are so eerie and weird that they make it fun to know your match. It’s like seeing your dark side in the mirror. And it’s actually a pretty common thing among the diehard fans to ask things such as, “Which Poppy Playtime toy are you?”

Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Test

The Poppy Playtime character quiz is designed to be entertaining—with a rather scary theme. So, it’s not advised for participants who are 16 or younger. Plus, note that QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the test. MOG Games own all the said pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Note: The results include a mental illness list based on your responses. Be mindful that it’s only an entertainment means and should not be assumed as a diagnosis.