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What feature of Bratz dolls do you love the most? (You have to pick only one).
  • a

    I love their personality

  • b

    I like their friendships

  • c

    I adore their confidence

  • d

    I love their outfits

  • e

    I think their accessories are cool

  • f

    I like their hair

  • g

    I don’t like anything about them


Question 1: What feature of Bratz dolls do you love the most? (You have to pick only one).

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Don’t you wonder which Bratz doll you are? This quiz matches your behavior and style to Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, and other dolls to discover your soulmate.

Find Out Which Bratz Doll Lives in You

The quiz is a series of fashion, lifestyle, and personality questions to figure out which Bratz Girlz or Boyz you represent in real life.

Similar to the Monster High Quiz, we have created a database of all the dolls’ MBTI types. So, the results are guaranteed to be accurate.

Are you one of the original four girls?

The Bratz franchise started with four original dolls: Jade, Sasha, Cloe, and Yasmin. But over the last 20 years, more names have been added to the gang. So, the question is, “Are you one of the OGs?” There’s no way to find out the answer unless you take our personality quiz.

See if you have a passion for fashion.

Not even the Ever After High characters are as sassy and fashion-lover as the Bratz. So, we added a specific section to the test to inspect your aesthetic style along with your personality.

The results reveal if you are a fashionista, just a fashion enthusiast, or a total normie.

Meet your best friend.

Remember when the #BFFL collection took over the world? Well, the Bratz Girlz have always prioritized their friendship over everything else. So, you should expect the same vibe in the quiz.

You’ll find out which Bratz character could be your best friend if you lived as an MGA doll.

Adopt a pet.

Would you own one of the Catz, or are you more of a Ponyz person? The Bratz doll quiz analyzes your responses to reveal what kind of pet you’d have as one of the characters.

Speaking of adopting pets, you should definitely check out our Roblox Adopt Me! Quiz if you’re a gamer as well as a doll-lover by any chance.

How to Know Which Bratz Doll You Are

We know that most dolls in the franchise don’t have a specified background. So, one way to find your Bratz match is by looking for similar MBTI personalities among the characters. Use the following table or look up the Girlz and Boyz personality types to see which is similar to you.

Bratz Doll MBTI Type
Sasha ENTJ
Yasmin INFJ
Cameron ISTP
Meygan ESFP
Dylan ESFP


There’s an alternative way to discover your matching doll: Reading character descriptions. Many might not know, but Bratz dolls have specified personalities. Cloe is playful, Sasha is sassy, Jade is quirky, and Yasmin is artistic.

So, you might find your soulmate or counterpart by getting to know the characters better. And the following descriptions can help with that.

#1. Cloe

A popular Bratz doll, Cloe is playful and energetic. However, her personality can also be described as dramatic at times. She loves sports and is quite athletic. But Cloe is famous for being a walking camerawoman as she’s constantly snapping pictures of her friends or taking selfies.

Most fans would pick Cloe when asked, “Which Bratz doll are you?” She’s smart, talented, and stylish, making her one of the beloved characters in the whole franchise.

#2. Sasha

AKA the sassiest girl with a passion for fashion, Sasha is a confident girl. She might have a bad temper, but she’s always there for her friends like a motherly figure. Her protective nature empowers her to stand for her loved ones and guarantee their safety at all costs.

#3. Jade

She could be the face of the Bratz dolls franchise. Jade is the ultimate fashionista who doesn’t follow the trends because she’s actually a trendsetter. Fans love her stylish dresses as well as her bold fashion decisions.

Jade’s adventurous personality intensifies doll enthusiasts’ love for her. And she’s still one of the highest-selling characters among all—even after 20+ years.

You don’t have to ask fashionistas, “Which Bratz doll are you?” because the answer is obvious: They are Jade.

#4. Yasmin

The humblest member of the group is a quiet writer who enjoys the company of animals and is pretty open-minded. Yasmin has a calm and relatable personality. But she’s also open to new experiences, showing her openness to new ideas through her fashion choices.

Most artsy doll-lovers would love to match Yasmin in the Bratz character quiz. But she’s one of the rarest results of the test.

Other characters.

Your match might be a Bratzillaz or Itsy-Bitsy character. That’s why the quiz includes all the other Boyz and Girlz. Of course, it’s challenging to have all the characters in one test because there are 140 of them out there. But almost every well-known doll is covered in the quiz.

Beware: You Might Match the Antagonists

As unexpected as it sounds, the quiz has a list of antagonists such as Burdine Maxwell and even The Big Bad Wolf. What you get depends on your responses. So, be careful how you play the game.


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