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What are your views on body positivity?
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    I like the idea.

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    Meh. Whatever.

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    I don’t get it. It’s stupid.

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    That’s a pink lie to soothe the obese.


Question 1: What are your views on body positivity?

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What kind of EDTWT member are you? This quiz reveals if you are the disguised recovery account, the proud pro-ana, the fetishizing freak, or else.

What Is EDTWT?

The term “EDTWT” stands for Eating Disorder Twitter. It’s an unofficial online community of people having or recovering from eating disorders tweeting about their thoughts and experiences.

Unlike popular belief, EDTWT does not function like a fandom for eating disorders—and is not a place to humiliate the obese.

It’s merely a place to talk about EDs.

What Is the EDTWT Quiz?

Comprised of 20 controversial questions, the EDTWT quiz is a personality test to expose the type of community member you are. It analyzes your thoughts and tweets to expose your true EDTWT personality.

We are aware that eating disorders are serious conditions. So, the EDTWT test is not designed to make fun of people with ED. However, it benefits from the same sense of humor that the community members have in their tweets.

Please, take the results lightly.

Which Eating Disorder Twitter Member Are You?

Like any other controversial online community, EDTWT has distinctive member types.

Whether you group them based on their views on recovery or their take on anorexia, these are the four main EDTWT user types:


A pro-recovery EDTWT member is one who promotes eating healthy and getting help with your ED.


In EDTWT, a recovery-neutral user is one who neither promotes nor demotes recovery.


Often a member of PROANATWT (and not an actual EDTWT member), a Pro-Ana user supports, promotes, or glamorizes anorexia nervosa.

You might see pro-ana users posting FATSPO tweets often. The term “FATSPO” is a portmanteau of “fat” + “inspiration.” It’s basically a form of fatphobia that’s supposed to motivate pro-anorexia users.


A pro-fatphobia is a toxic Twitter account that uses the platform for hate speech on overweight people.

They are a despised member of EDTWT.

Fat-phobic users are one of the main reasons EDTWT is sometimes conceived as a toxic community and is wrongfully compared with online simp communities.

The Biggest Misconceptions About EDTWT

Before taking the EDTWT quiz, please beware of the false impressions around the Twitter Eating Disorder community.

You don’t have to have anorexia, bulimia, or other severe disorders to join the community. There’s room for picky eaters, binge eaters, and literally anyone with a food-related problem.

Here’s what most people get wrong about EDTWT:

·       EDTWT differs from PROANATWT.

PROANATWT or Pro-Ana Twitter is a toxic community that supports and glamorizes anorexia, a critical eating disorder. Contrarily, EDTWT is a place for people with ED to share their experiences safely without being judged.

The two communities are quite different, and one should not be punished for the other’s mistakes.

·       People with ED are not fatphobic.

Many EDTWT members are people with binge eating or other comparable disorders that cause obesity. So, fatphobia certainly is not allowed in the community.

But as with all online platforms, Twitter is full of trolls who use EDTWT tags to insult or humiliate overweight individuals.

·       EDTWT does not promote SH.

While some members may talk about their self-harm experiences, EDTWT is not a place to promote harmful behaviors. And in most cases, the community members help each other stop such actions immediately.

Take the EDTWT Quiz Results with a Grain of Salt

This EDTWT test is designed for true members. It comes with a rather sarcastic sense of humor that is found among most EDTWT tweets and is meant to make you smile.

Don’t take the results seriously, and have fun.


EDTWT is an entertaining quiz. Although it mentions triggering topics like ED and SH, it’s not meant to give any professional advice on the topics.

If you’re struggling with eating disorders or self-harm thoughts, please call or text a hotline. Crisis Text Line Organization is the best place to start.