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How do you feel when she texts you?
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Question 1: How do you feel when she texts you?

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Is it love or something more? This crush-level quiz reveals if you genuinely like her or if it’s just a temporary emotion.

💡 What to Expect: If you’re unsure whether you see her as a friend or potential girlfriend, take this quiz. With 15 questions, the “Do I Like Her Quiz” reveals your true feelings, whether they’re purely platonic, romantic, or perhaps even more passionate, maybe even a bit lustful.

💖 Do You Actually Like Her? If she brings you happiness, excitement, nervousness, and even a hint of jealousy, chances are she means more to you than just a friend—you like her. However, if she’s simply a good friend with whom you’ve had occasional fantasies, it may not be love or anything deeper. It’s worth noting that love can develop from casual friendships, so don’t rush to categorize her as just a friend too soon.

Here are five quick signs to know if you like her: 1) She makes you nervous, 2) you feel jealous of her close relationships, 3) you enjoy sharing personal details with her, 4) you find yourself thinking about her late at night and early in the morning, and 5) the thought of spending quality time with her excites you. If three or more of these apply to you, then you already have your answer: Yes, you like her.

For a more thorough understanding, consider taking the “Do I Like Him Quiz.” And if you’re wondering about her feelings towards you, you’re in luck—we also offer a “Does She Like Me Quiz” to help you gauge her interest.