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How do you define being rude?
  • a

    Being inconsiderate and ignorant

  • b

    Doing things that you shouldn't

  • c

    Not following stupid social rules

  • d

    There's no such thing as being rude


Question 1: How do you define being rude?

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Do you ask yourself, “Am I mean?” This 20-question analytical quiz exposes your dark side and discovers if you’re a cruel person. Ready to face the truth?

Who Is a Mean Person?

If you are unkind to others, intended to be hurtful, or motivated by cruelty, you are a mean person. Being mean is a personality trait that revolves around vindictiveness, pathological lying, and manipulation.

Actual heatless people usually don’t ask questions like, “Am I a bad person?” So, the fact that you’re questioning your behavior is a good sign. However, the only way to make sure you’re malicious is to take the test.

An Unbiased Quiz to Answer, “Am I Mean?”

The questionnaire consists of twenty questions about your personality, traits, beliefs, and experiences. The goal is to evaluate the spitefulness of your character. And the results inform you of how bad of a person you might be—or vice versa. Here’s what you learn by participating.

See if you’re a mean person.

Your big question is, “Am I mean?” So, that’s going to be the first thing you learn. The test analyzes your responses carefully, matching them to our database. It helps us give you a score that eventually determines how cruel you are. Note that you won’t know your score, and that’s private information. But you’ll see the overall deduction of the quiz.

Get to know why you might seem mean.

For many participants, the primary question is, “Why am I unintentionally mean?” That’s why we have a dedicated section in the results to explain the possible reasons behind your behavior pattern. It’s challenging to spot the exact reason for a person’s characteristics or beliefs. But your responses provide us with enough information to have some reliable guesses.

Find out what type of malicious person you are.

You might be worried about how others interpret your behavior. And that’s why you’re googling things like, “Am I mean?” But a yes or no answer wouldn’t be that accurate because people have different patterns of being cruel or malicious. For that reason, our Meanness Quiz divides the heartless participants into two groups.

  • The temporary mean person might be rude, inconsiderate, or aggressive for a short period. Such people usually flip out when things go wrong and are otherwise regular persons.
  • A permanent mean is pathologically cruel to everyone. Such a person would go out of their way to hurt, humiliate, or manipulate others for the sake of fun.

Receive a personality analysis.

Your responses reveal so many things about your true self. So, we wanted to offer something more than a simple yes or no result. You can read a comprehensive analytical description of the type of person you are right after finishing the questionnaire.

How to Know if You’re Mean without Taking a Quiz?

People who wonder if they’re malicious might not be willing to face it through an online quiz. And it’s understandable. But there are obvious signs or red flags that could look for to self-evaluate your character regardless. See below.

#1. You’re rude to people.

Rudeness is one of the apparent signs of being mean. Not every rude person is intentionally cruel. But there are only so much understandable reasons for being impolite and inconsiderate. Usually, the mean person hides their insolence behind excuses. For example, they might claim to be “frank” rather than disrespectful.

#2. You’re never wrong.

Before asking, “Am I mean?” ask yourself, “Do I accept it when I’m wrong?” If you can recall very few instances where you were wrong and accepted it, you might be cruel. Unkind people find it challenging to see their mistakes. They prefer to blame others and play the victim all the time.

#3. You’re vindictive.

The biggest red flag is enjoying others’ pain, misery, or failure. If you happen to feel good when someone you know is going through a hard time, don’t even bother to ask, “Am I mean?” The answer is a huge YES.

#4. You lie about everything.

Do you have so many excuses to lie to your friends and family? If yes, you’re mean. Honesty is like holy water that scares any heartless, cruel person. Yes, we all lie about various things in our lives. But too many lies are an indication of something unpleasant.

#5. You manipulate and control others.

Being abusive and manipulative are common aspects of having a mean personality type. If you tend to control, misuse, or mistreat others, you don’t need to take the test. The result is already apparent.

#6. You’re mean to animals.

Animal cruelty is unacceptable. If you treat other creatures poorly or hurt them intentionally, you’re mean.

Reasons Why You Might be Mean

You may ask yourself, “Why am I so mean to people I love?” or things like that. And we promised to give you some hints on that in the test results. But here are some of the primary reasons why you turn into a cruel person and hurt your loved ones’ feelings—although you don’t mean to (pun intended).

Anger issues.

Being mean could be a byproduct of your anger issues. It’s common for inconsiderate and impolite people to be passive-aggressive. They tend to express their unpleasant emotions through hurtful words and unaccepted behaviors.


Being bullied, emotionally abused, or manipulated during childhood or even adulthood can make you a mean person. Traumas can affect your behaviors significantly, justifying your wrong deeds and encouraging them.

Mean parents.

One way to answer a question like, “Am I mean?” is to think about your parents. Are they cruel, rude, inconsiderate, or vindictive? If yes, chances are you’ve been imitating them your whole life—because that’s what kids do.


The real question might be, “Am I insecure?” rather than “Am I a bad person?” Your insecurities can lead you to hurt others’ feelings and be unempathetic towards them. Such traits help you forget unpleasant emotions and focus on others’ imperfections instead.

Personality disorder(s).

Things like narcissistic personality disorder can make you a cruel person. Such conditions lead to becoming self-absorbed and numb to others’ feelings. And eventually, you turn into a malicious individual who cares about nothing but themselves.

Problem with expressing emotions.

Another reason you are mean might be the way you express your emotions. People who have a problem talking about their feelings choose passive methods to show them. That’s one of the most destructive things in a relationship because every time you have an intense emotion, you choose the wrong way to express it. So, you may always feel like you’re the victim.

What to Do if the Test Says You’re Mean?

Consult a therapist. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best way of dealing with your negative emotions. A therapist can help you find the root of your problems, understand them, and let go of them if that’s what you want. Here are some other options to try if you don’t like therapy:

  • Apologize when you’re wrong.
  • Don’t control or manipulate people.
  • Don’t be judgmental.
  • Express your emotion through words, not aggression.
  • Don’t lie, no matter the reason.
  • Stop finding excuses for being rude.

Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Meanness Quiz

The quiz on this page is designed to help those who ask, “Am I mean?” It’s not meant to label you or judge your characteristics. So, please, take the results lightly and let us know if anything about them bothered you. We respond to all the comments and emails as fast as possible.