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What type of fandom do you relate to? 5

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Question: What type of fandom do you relate to?

Quiz: 100% Fun. How Fandom Would See You as Fictional Character?

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Want to know how fandom would see you if you were a fictional character? This fanfiction quiz reveals what type of OC you’d be and how fans would describe you.

What’s the Quiz’s Deal?

“How fandom would see you” is a personality quiz to describe your persona from a fictional fanbase’s point of view.

Unlike the 5000 character quiz, your results don’t include a list of OCs similar to you. Instead, the goal is to create a character description that matches you in real life and fiction.

How Fandom Would See You on TikTok

On TikTok, “how fandom would see you” has been trending because users share their quiz results as greenscreens. And as with other TT trends, more people want to know how to do the same.

It’s pretty simple, though. You are already doing it! Tap or click the start quiz button, answer twenty questions, and share a screenshot of the result on your TikTok account.

Fandom Could See You as One of These Character Types

Fiction fans are familiar with reoccurring personality types in comics, novels, and movies. There’s often a bad guy who wants to destroy the world, a hero who tries to save the world, and a bunch of supporting characters who push the events forward.

Based on the stereotypes of fanfictions and character development principles, a fandom would most likely categorize you into one of these groups.


The hero. The savior. The chosen one. The protagonist is the basis of all stories; they start a journey that leads to the climax.

Interestingly, few people would like their fandom to see them as a hero because it’s a boring and cliché-ish character type.


Contrary to villains, antagonists are not necessarily bad guys. But they oppose the hero’s actions for various reasons—often for moral or religious beliefs.

If fandom sees you as an antagonist, you’re a free-spirited, bold, and confident person who’s not afraid of speaking up.


A key factor in superhero stories, sidekicks are the loyal and supportive friends of heroes or anti-heroes. Think Robin in Batman or Chewbacca in Star Wars.

When someone asks, “How would fandom see me?” A sidekick is the last thing they want to hear. It’s because few sidekicks have unique narratives and are usually defined by their counterparts, the hero or the villain.


Often an elderly person with long, white hair, mentors are the voice of reason, guiding the hero through the hardships.

If fandom sees you as a mentor, you’re reliable, experienced, and wise.

Comic relief

Comic relief is a humorous character to break the ice, cool down the intensity of events, and let the story breathe in-between the actions.

Fandom seeing you as comic relief is verification for you being funny, charming, and relatable.


Traumatized by a horrific backstory or motivated by an ambitious goal, villains are the true bad guys. They not only want to hurt the protagonists but also want chaos or destruction on a much larger scale.

Despite their dark nature, villains have always been fan favorites, and many would actually feel thrilled if their fandom saw them as anti-heroes.

Discover the Life You Could Have as a Fictional Character

Still, wondering how fandom would see you? Take our OC quiz to find out the answer. The following questions examine your IRL personality to reveal your persona as a fictional character.


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