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What makes the Abbott Elementary characters unique? 5

  • Their intentions.

  • Their friendships.

  • Their sense of humor.

  • Their determination.

  • Their dialogues.

  • I don’t think the characters are unique.


Question: What makes the Abbott Elementary characters unique?

Quiz: Quiz: Which Abbott Elementary Character Are You? S2 Updated

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This personality quiz identifies which Abbott Elementary character you are. Are you Janine Teagues, Jacob Hill, Ava Coleman, or else?

The Abbott Elementary Character Quiz.

The character quiz is a set of 20 questions to reveal which Abbott Elementary teacher you represent IRL.

Abbott Elementary is a workplace sitcom about a group of teachers in a Philadelphia public school doing their best to bettering the conditions for kids despite the challenges.

It’s a mockumentary with seven main characters—five teachers, one principal, and one janitor—that gives off The Office vibes.

The current test lets you find out which school staff member shares a similar personality as you.

The Test Is Based on the Cast’s MBTI Type.

Unlike other silly quizzes, this one considers your actual personality type to suggest your Abbott Elementary match.

If you already know your Myers-Briggs type, use the following table to discover your soulmate.

Character MBTI
Janine Teagues ENFJ
Barbara Howard ESTJ
Jacob Hill INFP
Melissa Schemmenti ESTP
Gregory Eddie ISTJ
Ava Coleman ESFP
Mr. Johnson ISTP
Tariq Temple ESFP
Sahar ENFP


What Kind of Elementary School Teacher Are You?

Would you be an easygoing, cool, and popular teacher or a strict, mean, and hated one? The Abbott Elementary quiz unveils the type of teacher you would’ve been if you lived in the same universe as other characters.

How to Know Which Abbott Elementary Character You Are?

Read the following character descriptions to find your perfect match.

#1. Janine Teagues.

A spirited 2nd-grade teacher, Janine has an optimistic, helpful, and caring personality. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, always motivated to do what’s best for her students.

As an ENFJ character, Janine Teagues is warm, affectionate, and supportive.

#2. Jacob Hill.

He is a nerdy teacher in the Philadelphia public school. Personality-wise, Jacob Hill is friendly, polite, sensitive, and devoted. He’s often trying to bond with other teachers, which matches his INFP type.

#3. Barbara Howard.

A hardworking kindergarten teacher, Barbara takes her job seriously. However, her personality can be described as confident, cautious, and robust.

#4. Melissa Ann Schemmenti.

Although short-tempered, Melissa is an independent woman with a sarcastic personality.

#5. Ava Coleman.

A bit narcissistic, Ava is a talkative, airheaded, and bossy principal at Abbott Elementary. She tries to be trendy, spends a lot of time on social media, and often ignores the school district’s issues.

Meet Your Philadelphia Public School Counterpart Now.

Still, wondering which Abbott Elementary character you are? Take the quiz now to meet your perfect soulmate. It’s a series of fun questions inspired by the show’s season 1 & 2 events.


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