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You wake up with amnesia. What do you do?
  • a

    Ask for help

  • b

    Look for clues

  • c

    Hide my condition from others

  • d

    Go with the flow and live a new life


Question 1: You wake up with amnesia. What do you do?

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BBC’s The Tourist introduces a cast of interesting characters who each resemble a specific personality type; take this test to see which one is you!

The Tourist Story Recap

In the first season of The Tourist, we are introduced to The Man, a mysterious Irish man lost in Australia. Later, we find out that he’s lost all his memories and needs to discover his true identity using subtle clues that he comes across. As The Man finds out that his real name is Elliot Stanley, he also befriends a barista called Luci, who promises to help him on his mission to regain his memories.

In the second season, Elliot decides to return to his homeland, Ireland, to look for more clues about his past. This time, his new girlfriend, Helen (a former detective), is accompanying him. But the couple soon realizes that Elliot is not welcome in his country…

The Tourist Characters and Their MBTIs

BBC’s The Tourist has three primary characters: Elliot, Luci, and Helen. The trio are all part of an entangled crime story involving a massive heist and a drug lord who wants to kill them. Here’s what you need to know about these personalities:

  • The Man (Elliot Stanley)

As an ENTP, Elliot is a quick-thinking, determined, and hardworking man. Despite losing his memory, he manages to keep calm and search for his true identity regardless of the challenges.

  • Helen Chambers

An ISFJ, Helen is an insecure, lonely woman who’s stuck in a toxic relationship. Her personality can be described as naïve, warmhearted, and giving, as seen in her interactions with Elliot. She essentially quits her job to run away with him and discover his identity.

  • Luci Miller

Luci, also known as Victoria, is an ambitious and deceptive woman. She’s a go-getter who’d cross the lines of ethics to achieve her goals. But deep down, Luci loves Elliot and wouldn’t want to hurt him. (Luci is an ESTP.)

See Which The Tourist Character You Are with a Quiz

Don’t you wonder which of the interesting characters in BBC’s drama The Tourist you are? The cast is a blend of villains and heroes, leaving us with so many intriguing options. We’ve got you, though. The personality quiz on this page will expose your true persona and match it with one of the show’s beloved faces—whether it’s the protagonist, Elliot, or the villain, Kosta.



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