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Tell me what movies you like without telling me what movies you like.
  • a

    Crying with a big smile

  • b

    Leaving the theater like you’re ten years older

  • c

    Feeling like you need to pay a visit to the nearest gun shop

  • d

    Staring at the wall, questioning your existence


Question 1: Tell me what movies you like without telling me what movies you like.

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Which one would you be if you were an Oscar-winning performance? That’s the question we answer with this personality quiz.

Welcome to our Oscar-Winning Performance Quiz, where we take you on a nostalgic journey through Hollywood’s most iconic moments. With the 96th Academy Awards behind us, it’s time to celebrate the legendary characters brought to life by award-winning actors and actresses.

Here, we propose and answer a very fun question: Which Oscar-winning performance are you?

In this quiz, you’ll answer fifteen questions designed to uncover which iconic roles best represent you. Will you match with 2024’s Bella Baxter from “Poor Things,” embody the spirit of 2023’s Charlie from “The Whale,” or perhaps resonate with a classic portrayal like Juliet in the 1934 adaptation of “Romeo & Juliet,” played by Norma Shearer? The possibilities are endless.

But remember, this quiz isn’t about matching personalities with actors—it’s all about finding your counterpart among the unforgettable characters that have graced the silver screen and earned those coveted Oscar statues.

And if you’re hungry for more movie-themed quizzes, don’t forget to check out “Which Oppenheimer Character Are You?” inspired by Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed historical picture, which swept the 2024 Oscars with an impressive 13 nominations.

So, are you ready to discover which Oscar-winning performance mirrors your persona? Let’s dive in and find your cinematic doppelganger. 🎬