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What kind of novels intrigue you?
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Question 1: What kind of novels intrigue you?

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Do you wonder which famous author is your counterpart? This classic and contemporary literature quiz unveils the iconic writer in you with surprising accuracy.

Reveal the Author in You

Writers have this awesome knack for crafting characters so real they practically jump off the page. But you know what? It’s their own fascinating personalities, a mix of thoughts and life adventures, that shape their unique writing styles. Now, what if you were to step into the shoes of one of these iconic authors? Which one would fit your persona?

Our quiz right here helps you uncover the answer. It spills the beans on which legendary author is your literary kindred spirit, all based on your reading tastes, writing quirks, and general vibe.

Some Writers You Might Be

My writer soulmate is Hemingway—or at least I wish that to be true. But if you want to discover yours, here are some quick descriptions that could help. See if you can find the author that resonates with you based on these personality analyses.

Author Personality
Virginia Woolf Introspective, Intellectual, Sensitive
Gorge Orwell Observant, Cynical, Provocative
Ernest Hemingway Adventurous, Stoic, Confident
J.K. Rowling Creative, Compassionate, Resilient


Find Out Which Author Has Written You

Here’s a cool twist: besides revealing which famous author matches your vibe, our quiz also uncovers which iconic book character from a revered author could’ve been you.

If you want to know what type of writer would create a personality like you, just give this test a go.

A Personality Quiz for all the Book Lovers

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just love diving into a good book, this Famous Author Quiz is right up your alley. It’s all about connecting you with some of the literary legends throughout history and giving you a fresh look at your own personality.

Oh, and if you’re into deep thoughts and philosophical musings, you should totally check out our other quiz, “Which Famous Philosopher Are You?” It’s packed with names that double as top-notch authors, too!

Now, let’s dive in and discover which famous author you are.