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How would you feel if you had to live in a foreign country?
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Question 1: How would you feel if you had to live in a foreign country?

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If you want to know which character from Prime Video’s Expats you are, take this personality quiz inspired by Janice Y.K. Lee’s work.

Expats Story Explained

In the 6-episode TV adaptation of The Expatriates novel, we follow the story of Margaret, an American mother residing in Hong Kong with her husband and three children. Margaret grapples with the challenge of keeping her family together while battling intrusive thoughts about her role as a mother. Against the backdrop of the Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong becomes a chaotic environment, adding further complexity to Margaret’s already fraught circumstances.

Margaret finds some stability in her life through her connection with two fellow expatriates, Mercy and Hilary, who become her closest friends. However, their friendship takes a tragic turn when Mercy’s negligent actions result in Margaret’s son, Gus, going missing.

Which Expat Are You

Prime Video’s adaptation of The Expatriates revolves around three main characters: Margaret, Hilary, and Mercy. Here are quick descriptions of their personalities.

Here are some Expats characters that might look like you.


An insecure mother, Margaret is an overprotective and pessimistic person. In Expats, she struggles to balance her relationship with her children, feeling jealous of the family’s nanny for bonding with them—especially with her youngest son, Gus. But as the story unfolds, Margaret develops into a stronger woman who copes with the pain and guilt of losing a child, encouraging the other two expats (Mercy and Hilary) to do the same.


Despite her vengefulness, Hilary is a kindhearted and caring friend. Supporting Margaret through her darkest moments, she endeavors to bring order to her own tumultuous personal life, grappling with both a cheating father and husband. As the story progresses, Hilary rediscovers her inner strength and independence, embarking on a journey to reclaim the self-reliant woman she once was.


In Expats, Mercy’s journey is one of forgiveness and self-acceptance. Amidst a tragedy where she becomes the target of blame, Mercy wrestles with overwhelming guilt and self-loathing, which gradually paralyzes her. Yet, with the support of her mother and Margaret’s forgiveness, she begins to rebuild her life and prepares herself for the responsibilities of motherhood.

Find Your Match in Janice Y.K. Lee’s Novel

From the author of The Piano Teacher, The Expatriates is a gloomy and mystery-driven drama with twisted—yet relatable—characters. But what might be even more interesting than these personalities is having your own persona matched to them, which is why we’re here: With the Expats Quiz, you figure out which of the three main characters—Margaret, Hilary, and Mercy—share the same personality as you.

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