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What would you wish for if you had all the Dragon Balls?
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Question 1: What would you wish for if you had all the Dragon Balls?

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Do you want to know which Dragon Ball character you are? Are you Goku, Bulma, Piccolo, or else? This anime quiz reveals.

Find Your Dragon Ball Character with an Otaku Quiz

The Dragon Ball Quiz is a series of personality questions to determine which Dragon Team member you are.

It compares your MBTI type with that of the anime/manga characters to find the perfect match.

Dragon Ball Character MBTI Type
Bulma ENTP
Son Goku ESFP
Master Roshi ESTP
Krillin ISFJ
Chi-Chi ESTJ
Yamcha ESFP
Piccolo INTJ
Son Gohan INFP
Trunks ENTP


Created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, Dragon Ball is an anime franchise about Saiyans, humans, and aliens with superpowers fighting over Dragon Balls.

The current test lets you know which character in the franchise—Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Piccolo, Krillin, etc.—shares the same characteristics as you.

If you’re into anime quizzes, you’ll also like “Which JoJo Character Are You?” It’s about another classic show with the same vibes as DB.

Are You an OG Dragon Team or a Z Fighters Member?

The cool thing about the Dragon Ball Quiz is that it determines your team, too.

You could end up being one of the original Dragon Ball Gang (Doragon Chīmu) or a Z Fighter.

We also recommend the Naruto Clan Quiz. It sorts you into one of the noble clans—the same way the DB test identifies your team.

How to Know Which Dragon Ball Character You Are

With 444 episodes in total, Dragon Ball comes with a long list of characters. And it’s quite a challenge to find your match among them.

One shortcut, though, is to read the main characters’ descriptions.

#1. Goku

Compassionate, respectful, and kind, Goku is a pure-hearted young man with a heroic personality. He is willing to go the extra mile to become a better person and never hesitates to sacrifice his life for his loved ones.

#2. Bulma

Despite her short temper, Bulma is a generous mom and a helpful friend. As she grows older, her spoiled, tomboyish attitude gives place to empathy.

#3. Master Roshi

Also called the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi is a dirty-minded martial artist. Personality-wise, he is absent-minded, laid-back, and lazy. But as a teacher, he’s a strict, visionary mentor.

#4. Piccolo

Originally a Dragon Ball villain, Piccolo transforms into one of the beloved protagonists. He is blunt and has dry humor. But deep inside, Piccolo is as caring as other characters.

Good News: DBZ, GT, and Super Characters Are Included

With all the spin-offs and sequels combined, the Dragon Ball franchise has five anime series: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Dragon Ball Super.

As for the good news, the Dragon Ball Character Quiz covers all of them. This means you might match any of the personalities from the five shows.

Bad News: You Might Get a Dragon Ball Villain!

For some otakus, Dragon Ball Quiz ends on a sad note. They match an antagonist.

This could be Goku Black, Janemba, MAJIN BUU, or even Frieza. It all depends on your choices.

Ready to Meet Your Dragon World Self?

You are now officially a candid Saiyan. But first, you must pass the Dragon Ball Quiz.

The following questions—all inspired by Akira Toriyama arcs—will expose which character you represent in real life.

Hit the start and let the test release your Kamehameha!


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