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Let’s start with a basic question; how old are you?
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Question 1: Let’s start with a basic question; how old are you?

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Can we guess what your favorite movie is? This 20-question movie quiz accurately reveals your preferred titles and genres and analyzes your personality.

The Favorite Movie Finder Explained

It’s a series of personality and preference questions that expose what movies you favor. Unlike other quizzes, it doesn’t provide direct matches. Instead, it analyzes your behaviors and combines them with your genre, actor, director, and story preferences to deliver the most accurate results.

The First Scientific Quiz to Answer “What Is My Favorite Movie?”

A 2015 study by Andrew Romans, We Are What We Watch, showed a positive correlation between the personality trait of extraversion and the film genres of comedy and romance. According to the same study, “The factor of agreeableness correlated positively with the romance genre, as did the factor of conscientiousness. The factor of openness to experience positively correlated with the genres of documentary and science fiction. Finally, the factor of neuroticism correlated negatively with science fiction, and openness correlated with drama ratings.

We used Romans’ findings to create the world’s first scientific quiz to reveal your favorite films. Here’s what you learn about yourself by participating in the test.

Find out what your favorite movie is.

The primary goal of the test is to answer questions like, “What is my favorite movie?” And that’s the first piece of information you get. We created a database of the most popular favorite movies of all time (inspired by the IMDB’s Top 250 Movie List). Your answers allow us to explore the database, finding the perfect matches for you based on key factors like personality and preference.

Receive a list of other pictures you might like.

The big question on this page is, “What’s my favorite movie?” But it would be a wild guess if we picked only one film. That’s why the results include a list of several titles that we guarantee you love at least one of them. We don’t want to waste your time. And no online quiz can guess what your beloved movie is with 100% accuracy. So, we finetuned the results and enriched them with our top 10 guesses to make them fun and reliable.

Let us analyze your personality based on your favorite movies.

Several studies have confirmed the impact of films on viewers’ characters. We used some of them to provide you with a personality analysis. Your result includes a section that breaks down your attributes and character elements deeply. The section lets you know if you’re an extroverted or introverted person or if you have any unique trait that affects your film preferences.

How the Favorite Movies Quiz Works

The test has four stages. Each inspects a particular aspect of your likes and dislikes—as well as your overall persona. Here’s what you need to know about each step of the test.

Step #1: Gathering some personality data.

The test starts with random psychological questions that help us discover who we are. The goal is to analyze various aspects of your characteristics to finetune the results. Your traits and behaviors directly affect the movies we match you with. So, take your time and read each question carefully to receive accurate results.

Step #2: Discovering your preferred genre.

We don’t like to ask you a direct, obvious question like, “What is your favorite movie genre?” That’s because the whole point of the test is to GUESS! So, during the second phase of the quiz, you encounter cinema-related questions that eventually reveal your preferred category without you noticing.

Most other online tests make it so boring by forcing you to give them all the information they need. But we promise that participating in our quiz is going to be fun.

Step #3: Talking about your favorite movies.

Again, we don’t want you to reveal the answer and make it easy. However, we’d like to talk about what you like about your preferred films. So, we’d have a small talk about your likings and try our best to gather as much information as possible to fine-tune the results.

Step #4: Create a list of your best-loved films.

At the final stage of the Favorite Movie Quiz, you receive a list of films that we think you like. All of them are handpicked based on your personality, likes, and dislikes. You can share the list with your friends and see if it matches their expectations or run a poll on your social media account to see if your friends can guess your favorite movies as accurately as we do—and compare the results.

Wait; What Are the Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time?

Yes, we are here to answer your big question of, “What is my favorite movie?” But what about the rest of the world? Is there any way to find out what films people love the most? The answer is yes. If you consider the worldwide gross of all the movies ever, you’ll have a list of pictures that most people are in love with or have favored one way or another.

So, here’s a list of 10 movies that [almost] everyone loves and favors:


Movie Popularity
Avatar (2009) #1
Avengers: Endgame (2019) #2
Titanic (1997) #3
Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) #4
Avengers: Infinity War (2018) #5
Jurassic World (2015) #6
The Lion King (2019) #7
Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) #8
Furious 7 (2015) #9
Frozen II (2019) #10


Why Does It Matter to Know What Your Favorite Movie Is?

Not that you don’t know what your beloved movie is. But sometimes, we might ignore such details about our personalities. It’s actually pretty important to ask questions like, “What your favorite movie is?” when talking to people that we care about or are interested in. It’s the easiest way to have a glance at their personality and find out more about them. We think such details about people are important because:

· It’s tied to your personality.

Studies confirm that movies you watch, love, or hate reveal information about who you are. So, knowing more about a person’s favorite picture is like getting to know them better.

· It’s a chitchat-friendly topic.

If you have been dating for a while, you have probably heard this question a lot, “What is your favorite movie?” It may sound silly or cliché. But it’s an important topic to talk about. Just like anything else in life, there’s a reason why you like certain movies and dislike some others. So, talking about your preferences can help you introduce yourself better and get to know others, even during small talk.

· It’s always fun to have others guess your preferences.

Well, we created a whole test to answer, “What is my favorite movie?” So, we’d like you to know that it’s fun to have others pick your best-loved films based on things they know about you. Give it a try, and you’ll see for yourself. You can run a poll on your Instagram Story and ask your friends and family to vote on movies they think you like. People who guess it right probably know you better than the rest.


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