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First thing first: What’s your luggage like?
  • a

    A backpack with essentials

  • b

    One big suitcase and that’s all

  • c

    A regular-sized cabin baggage

  • d

    I need a few large suitcases


Question 1: First thing first: What’s your luggage like?

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Discover your Travel Personality by taking a detailed tourism test that identifies your archetype as a vacationer.

Being the primary travel organizer in my friend group, I’ve developed an almost supernatural skill of predicting people’s vacationer profiles through simple questions. That’s exactly what we’re doing on this page. You respond to my tourism-oriented questions, and I unveil your traveler personality. Sound good? Let’s get started.

What Is a Travel Personality?

Your travel personality is your tourist profile. It is the stereotypical approach of yours to visiting new places and tourism. For example, you might be an adventurer traveler who prioritizes novel experiences or a relaxer who seeks the coziest spot to chillax for the entire trip.

How Do I Discover My Travel Personality?

You should analyze the four fundamentals of traveling: Purpose, place, price, and plan. To create your traveler profile, you must ask the following questions:

  • Why am I starting this journey?
  • What kind of destinations excite me?
  • How much do I want to spend on this trip?
  • And how intentional do I want my traveling schedule to be?

What Are the Most Common Traveler Profiles?

The four common traveler archetypes are Adventurer, Relaxer, Culture Enthusiast, and Urban Explorer. The Adventurer values excitement and novelty; the Relaxer seeks peace of mind; the Culture Enthusiast wants to learn; and the Urban Explorer prioritizes fun over all else.


Traveler Profile Adjectives Describing Qualities
The Adventurer Thrill-Seeking, Adventurous, Bold, Daring
The Relaxer Tranquil, Leisurely, Serene, Unwind
The Culture Enthusiast Cultured, Inquisitive, Appreciative, Insightful
The Urban Explorer Vibrant, Trendy, Dynamic, Cosmopolitan



Why Does It Matter to Know Your Tourist Type?

Have you ever wondered what your ideal getaway looks like? Do you know of any friend overthinking their honeymoon destination? These types of “existential” questions can all be answered swiftly when you know your traveler type.

Determining your travel personality helps you discover suitable vacation ideas and ways to make the most of your trips.

In a strange way, it’s like figuring out your dating personality. If you don’t know what type of people you’re into, you can’t choose your perfect date. By the same token, you can never pick the best destination if you’re unaware of your tourism orientation.

What Does the Travel Personality Test Do?

The Travel Personality Quiz has 15 tourism questions to pinpoint your traveler archetype. It reveals the positives and negatives of having you as a companion and suggests ideal destinations based on your profile.

If you want to know what type of vacationer you are, hit the start button now! ✈️