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Let’s start with simple questions. Are you bilingual? (Can you speak a foreign language?).
  • a

    I grew up in a bilingual family

  • b

    I learned a foreign language on my own

  • c

    I’m trying to learn a second language

  • d

    No. (I can only speak English)


Question 1: Let’s start with simple questions. Are you bilingual? (Can you speak a foreign language?).

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The CIA Personality Test is a set of 20 intelligent questions that reveal if your character is similar to an agent. Less than 10% of the participants have such a personality!

Test: Do You Have a CIA Agent Personality?

The quiz on this page compares your personality to a Central Intelligence Agency special agent. And the goal is to see what you have in common.

Unlike popular beliefs, the CIA Personality Test is not an IQ evaluation. Recruiters of the agency consider other standards such as interpersonal skills to employ new people.

The Criteria of CIA Personality Test

Jonna Mendez, the former CIA Chief of Disguise, says, “We look for many different things when recruiting CIA agents.” She suggests that social abilities sometimes are the most crucial factor. That is why our personality quiz inspects the following aspects of your traits:


An Intelligence Officer should go through an Introvert/Extrovert test. The agency needs people who are confident at expressing themselves. So, expect some psychological questions in the CIA Personality Test that aim to assess how outgoing and sociable you are.


Being aware of the situation you are in and being at ease with your instincts is crucial to be an Intelligence or Operation Officer. We ask you questions during the personality test that reveal how intuitive you are and how it affects your actions.

Thinking Models

The way you process information can expose how similar your personality is to a CIA agent. So, the test also includes some questions that only a brainy person could answer correctly.

Judgment Skills

As an Intelligence Officer, you have to make decisions based on the limited info you have. So, being an expert decision-maker is also another sign of having a CIA agent personality.

What Makes Your Personality Similar to a CIA Officer?

According to former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden, “You need to stand out among at least 160,000 applicants to join the agency.” So, lots of qualities are required to be similar to actual agents.

Personality-wise, most CIA officers are ENTJ, which is an uncommon type. (You can take our Enneagram Test to gain more info on that). But in general, they are believed to be deductive, fast-thinking, experienced, and confident.

Type Personality
Regular Person ISFJ

The above table shows the most common character type among different groups of agents vs. ordinary people.

Things that make your personality similar to a CIA Intelligence Officer:

Language & Culture

You need to be an expert at one foreign language. The agency is more interested in Americans of non-American descent. Plus, they want the agents to show a comfort level living in a foreign culture.


CIA Personality Test inspects your lifestyle because that is what the agency would do. Generally, they want you to be successful at whatever it is you are doing in your life. That is a signal of having healthy and accepted life choices.


In most cases, you have to have at least five years of related experience to become an Intelligent Officer. But life experiences matter, too. The recruiters would review your education history as well as your career path to evaluate your profile. So, being an overall experienced person makes your personality similar to a CIA agent.

Additional Info You Get by Taking the Quiz

Although it is a CIA Personality Test, participants receive some cool additional details in their results. Here are three pieces of information you could only find on QuizExpo’s test.

Possibility of Being Recruited

Having a CIA personality is not enough to become an agent. The test evaluates your skills, determining the likeliness of your being hired as an officer. We consider every affecting factor from your social skills to physical capabilities and emotional intelligence. (See below).

Your Average EQ

The CIA Personality Test includes an Emotional Intelligence Scoring System. It can identify which participants have a higher EQ and which don’t. It is a crucial factor when comparing your persona to Operation Officers because Interpersonal skills top the list of vital abilities in the agency.

FBI vs. CIA Personality

Are you meant to be a CIA or FBI agent? That is the type of question our personality test answers accurately. Of course, you might match none of them. So, be prepared for brutally honest results.


QuizExpo’s CIA Personality Test is not associated with any of the Federal Organizations or Bureaus. The questionary was created independently using the non-secretive information available on public domains.