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What inspires you the most?
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    Others’ works or achievements

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    My own work

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    None of them


Question 1: What inspires you the most?

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Do you want to know if you are creative? This Divergent Thinking Test exposes how innovative you are in minutes. Just answer 20 questions to find out.

Creativity Test Explained

The Creativity Test is a self-assessment that reveals how imaginative you are. It analyzes your thought processes and idea-creation methods to determine how inventive your personality is.

What is creativity, you might ask. While there’s no single definition for this concept, creativity is often described as the ability to think out of the box and generate original ideas—or solutions.

How Creative Are You

Your creative abilities are only limited by the extent of your imagination. If your mind’s eye doesn’t restrict you to factual statements and conventional ways of thinking, you are automatically more innovative than most people.

But note that there is no precise method to measure one’s creativity. Assessments such as Divergent Thinking and Creative Achievement Test help researchers come up with tangible numbers for artistic visions. However, none is 100% accurate in calculating imagination.

Signs You Are Creative

Your creativity is above average if you have four or more of the following traits:

  • You’re curious.
  • You’re not afraid to fail.
  • You welcome new experiences.
  • You’re open to hearing contradicting opinions.
  • You prefer originality over feasibility.
  • You’re inspired by others’ creative work.

Generally, you’re considered creative if you seek innovation, try new things, take risks, and analyze every situation from several different viewpoints.

What Makes a Person Inventive

According to Giovanni Corazza, a professor at the University of Bologna, what makes you creative is what you generate with the shared information everyone possesses. People become innovative when they mix divergent and convergent information. Creativeness, therefore, comes not from what you know but from how you implement what you know.

Another crucial factor is openness to new ideas. Creative person never kills their thought processes, no matter how abnormal or impractical they sound. To some extent, being creative is like being a daydreamer, only with loose boundaries to avoid detachment and dissociation.

How to Become Innovative

To become creative, spice up established visions (convergent information) with novel viewpoints (divergent information). Go beyond how things are without overthinking correct answers.

It’s true that you can never exclude your mind’s boundaries. However, you can loosen them up by allowing in irrelevant, spontaneous, and personal views.

Remember, creativity is not a talent; it’s a way of thinking. The premise of this concept is to refuse to see the world at a surface level and instead explore what’s beyond the conventional.

Reveal Your Creativity Level with a Divergent Thinking Test

Do you still want to know if you are creative? Answer the following questions to assess your innovativeness.

Our creativity test analyzes your curiosity, imagination, passion, boldness, inspiration, and vulnerability to come up with an accurate assessment.

Let’s find out how creative you are (and see if you have an inner artist). 🎨👀