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My partner should be __________.
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Question 1: My partner should be __________.

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Want to stop asking, “Am I ready for a relationship?”. Answer 20 emotional and psychological questions, and we will tell you if you are ready for love or NOT.

Am I Ready for a Relationship?

You are ready to step into a serious relationship when you have enough time, energy, and dedication to invest in love. The level of your readiness is determined by your will to establish and maintain an emotional bond with someone else.

The test on this page identifies how prepared you are for romance and love by analyzing 20 factors. But we recommend you to take the ‘Why Am I Single?’ test if you already feel ready while failing to maintain a healthy relationship.

Take a Test to Find Out

It is difficult to be self-referential and answer questions like, “Am I ready for a relationship?” That is why we created a self-report type of quiz that delivers 100% accurate results based on your current feelings and situation. More on this below.

How Does The Quiz Tell If You Are Ready for Love?

The Relationship Readiness Calculator is a set of twenty questions to expose how you feel about being in a serious romantic bond. It works through analyzing affecting factors such as your experiences, views, and even lifestyle. Here is everything you need to know.

Looking for signs of readiness.

If you are still like, “Will I ever find love?” you are not ready. According to most relationship experts, willingness to be in a relationship has its observable signs. So, our quiz tries to help you reveal the underlying feelings about love and extract the enthusiasm signals—if there are any.

Checking your priorities in life.

Asking something like, “Am I ready for a relationship?” might indicate you have other plans. And if that is the case, you are not prepared to have a romantic bond. During the test, we help you figure out what your current priorities are and how they might affect your love life.

Analyzing your views on relationships and romance.

How do you define affection? Why would you want to dedicate your time and effort to be with someone? These are types of questions you should ask yourself before being like, “Am I ready for a relationship?” Our test is designed to unearth your views and opinions about romance to make the results even more precise.

A Quickie Quiz: “Am I Ready for a Relationship?”

Answering “Yes” to all the questions below means you ARE ready to be in a serious relationship. The more “No” answers you have, the less you are willing to fall in love. Let’s go.

  • Do you agree that no one is perfect?
  • Do you have enough time to dedicate to someone else?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • Is it okay for you to apologize even when you don’t have to?
  • Do you agree that relationships must be maintained?
  • Is your ex completely out of your mind and life?
  • Can your boy/girlfriend become one of your priorities?

5 Signs You Are Ready to be in a Serious Relationship

Keep in mind that everybody is different when it comes to affection and romance. However, the following signals usually indicate that you are willing to have a romantic bond with someone.

#1: You are a realistic person.

Waiting for a perfectly fine prince or princess does not make any sense. And it indicates you are unprepared for true love. Being a realistic person means you are aware of yourself and your partner’s imperfections. But you still want to give it a try and work on yourselves no matter what.

#2: You are not looking for a rebound.

One of the signs of being ready for a relationship is being fully into someone. A rebound only helps you forget about your emotional pains. And it usually ends up doing more harm than good. So, you are ready for love when your wounds are healed—or at least are healing.

#3: You love yourself.

Are you asking yourself, “Am I lovely?” If yes, you are not prepared to be in a relationship. Self-love is key to establish and maintain healthy bonds. People who do not have any affection for themselves often find it hard to show it to others. And that is why they fail at finding or keeping their significant ones.

#4: You are not too busy.

Establishing a romantic affair requires time and effort. If you are too busy to spend quality time with someone else, forget about relationships—at least for now. Humans tend to fall in love fast and unpredictably. But things change when the romance phase is over. And you have to be present to maintain your bond.

#5: You are mentally and emotionally prepared.

It is going to be tough. Love starts easy and gets more challenging over time. So, you have to have that mental strength to go through all the upcoming hardships. Otherwise, you are definitely NOT ready for a relationship.

Why Do You Feel NOT Ready?

One reason you may feel unprepared for love is trauma or emotional abuse. Oftentimes, your previous relationship(s) make you feel like “love” is dangerous. But the most common explanations are as follows:

  • Still thinking about your ex.
  • Not being able to trust the new person.
  • Peer pressure and other external factors.
  • Having other priorities than romance.

Take the Test and Stop the Confusion Now

Start the test right away if you are still asking yourself, “Am I ready for a relationship?” We help you find the true answer in no time. And it is you who is going to do the hard work. Make sure you answer all the questions honestly, and we promise you to deliver reliable and effective results.