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You wake up in a bad mood. What do you do to feel better? 5

  • Drink a hot tea or coffee.

  • Facetime a friend and talk to them.

  • Remind me that it's going to be an awesome day.

  • Spend some time in bed and dream about good things.

  • Go for a walk or work out to shake the bad mood off.

  • Nothing. I'd just get along with my bad mood.


Question: You wake up in a bad mood. What do you do to feel better?

Quiz: Quiz: Which Sanrio Character Are You? All 2023 Characters

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Hey, which Sanrio character are you? This Kawaii quiz analyzes your personality to see if you are Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Hello Kitty, Kuromi, or else.

Sanrio Character Quiz Explained

It’s a 20-question anime-inspired test to discover your matching personality out of all the 80 Sanrio characters.

Like Doraemon Character Quiz, you don’t have to answer any true-or-false questions. The goal here is to compare your persona to that of the Sanrio cuties.

Discover your Kawaii Sanrio persona.

We have a database of the most popular characters created by the Japanese company Sanrio. Your responses allow us to determine your characteristics as well before matching them up to our data.

Get a free personality analysis.

Your big question might be, “Which Sanrio character am I?” But we have more to offer. The quiz analyzes your persona to reveal what type of person you are. So, not only will you meet your anime character counterpart, but you’ll also get to know yourself better.

The First MBTI-Based Sanrio Personality Test

The problem with other Sanrio character quizzes is that all they care about is your likes and dislikes. They throw a bunch of random questions at you and deliver inaccurate results.

But we have created the first Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test that uses psychology to discover your anime or manga soulmate. And the results are guaranteed to be shockingly accurate.

Sanrio Character Personality Type
Cinnamoroll INFP
Pompompurin ESFP
My Melody ISFJ
Kuromi ISTP
Hello Kitty ENFP
Pchacco INFP


#1. Cinnamoroll

As an INFP, Cinnamon has an introverted personality. But he is pretty friendly and warm despite being shy at times.

Most Otakus would pick Cinnamoroll when asked, “Which Sanrio character are you?” It’s because he’s overly cute and lovable.

Note: with over 2,000,000 votes, Cinnamoroll is currently the most popular Sanrio character out of eighty entries.

#2. Pompompurin

Being the second most popular Sanrio character, Pompompuring is laidback and outgoing. His personality type is ESFP, making him a spontaneous, imaginative, and entertaining creature.

Getting Pompompurin in your test results indicates you are a sociable person who gains energy through interacting with others.

#3. Kuromi

Kuromi is among the top 10 most popular Sanrio characters despite being an antagonist. She is an ISTP who values romance and is introverted, observant, and thinking at the same time.

Our data shows that most fans want to match Kuromi because of her girly nature, which kawaii culture enthusiasts relate to.

#4. Hello Kitty

As one of the iconic Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty has always been a fan favorite. She is described as a cute, intelligent, and caring girl who’s always trying to strengthen her relationships. As an ENFP, Hello Kitty is also quite warm, passionate, energetic, and extroverted.

She’s one of the oldest cuties who gained global popularity. Nostalgia-loving fans often choose her when asked, “Which Sanrio character are you?”

More Sanrio characters.

The company has created 80 characters so far.

So, it’s definitely challenging to discover your counterpart on your own. But a genuine quiz like the one on this page could identify your matching personality in less than a few minutes. All you have to do is answer 20 entertaining questions about the Sanrio universe and its cuties.

3 Factors That Affect Your Sanrio Character Quiz Results

While other tests focus on your favorite color or food, we find your match based on three essential aspects: personality, style, and birthday.

Here’s what to know about each.


The test figures out your Myers-Briggs type before suggesting any Sanrio character matches. Don’t worry, though; the questions will not be as boring as a psychological test.


We want to know your aesthetic because it could affect the test results. The Sanrio universe cuties have their unique styles, and you might want to know which one shares a similar taste.

Zodiac Sign

Your star sign could reveal which Sanrio character you are. The test determines your exact birth month to finetune the results and uncover your perfect match accordingly.

All the 2021 Top-Ranking Characters Are Included

The official website of Sanrio Products published the list of the top characters based on their 2021 global poll. And we used the very same data to create our personality quiz. So, you are guaranteed to see some of the most adored creatures in your results.

You Might Match a Sanrio Antagonist

Having a database of the lore’s antagonist sets this Sanrio quiz apart from other alternatives. We’ve ensured to include a variety of good and (slightly) evil characters so you find your perfect counterpart no matter what.

Ready to Meet Your Kawaii Self? Take the Quiz Now

Are you still wondering which Sanrio character you are? The answer is awaiting you on the other side of the quiz. Answer a couple of quick-and-fun questions to discover your true soulmate in the kawaii creatures’ universe.



QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the quiz. Sanrio Ltd. owns all the said pictures, and no copyright infringement was intended.