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You should write your first poem in the Literature Club. What rhymes with cloud? (You need to pick one). 5

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Question: You should write your first poem in the Literature Club. What rhymes with cloud? (You need to pick one).

Quiz: Quiz: Which DDLC Character Are You? 1 of 4 Accurate Match

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Would you like to know which DDLC character you are? This eerie personality quiz reveals if you are Monika, Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, or even the Protagonist.

A Doki Doki Literature Club Quiz to Reveal Who You Are

The test is a set of 20 psychological questions to uncover which Literature Clube member you are.

Similar to FNAF Character Quiz, you need to go through several stages of semi-scary events to discover your match. The goal is to help fans who ask things like, “Which DDLC girl am I?” But the results include other interesting pieces of information as well.

Meet Your DDLC Match.

The game introduces four girls as the supporting characters of the story. There is also a boy (aka the Protagonist) who represents you in the game. Our quiz can expose which of the said personalities is similar to you.

Find Out What Your Soundtrack Is.

The DDLC songs play a significant role in the story and atmosphere. That is why we included them in the quiz results. You will find out which Doki Doki Literature Club! soundtrack demonstrates your personality better. (We analyzed all the tracks to create the best list possible).

Receive a Free DDLC Psychoanalysis.

The big question here is, “Which DDLC character are you?” But don’t you want to know why you matched a particular person? The good thing about the quiz is that it gives you detailed answers. The results explain why you and are similar to that girl and what does it mean.

The Three Stages of the DDLC Personality Quiz

You need to complete all the stages and respond to the twenty questions of the test to see the results. There are three types of questions you face in the quiz. Here is everything you need to know about each.

· Writing a poem.

The first stage of the DDLC Quiz is about creating your first poem. You should complete the lines and find the rhyming words to pass this part. Although it is the simplest part of the test, it offers lots of useful information about your overall characteristics and persona.

· Completing the dialogues.

The second stage of the test consists of several incomplete dialogues. By filling in the blank, you help us analyze your personality better. The interchanges are going to be between the main characters. And there are no trivia-like questions in this section. You can complete the line however you want to.

· Making tough decisions.

The last part of the Doki Doki Literature Club Quiz consists of challenging choices. You encounter dilemmas that force you to make tough decisions. Again, there are no right or wrong options here. You can choose whatever you want. But your options do have their consequences, and they affect the overall result.

How to Know Which DDLC Character You Are?

One way to find your match is to get to know the girls and the boy in the game. Read the following descriptions of the main personalities to see which one you represent in real life.

Sidenote: This is an inaccurate method. And most of the time, fans are not able to decide which DDLC character they are. So, we would recommend taking the full quiz instead.

#1: Protagonist

He is described as an underachiever who prefers watching anime and playing games. The Protagonist’s personality is a bit vague as the story focuses on the girls. But from what has been revealed, he is an observant and clever individual. He dislikes judgments and is open-minded. The Protagonist is also loyal and trustworthy, trying to keep his promises no matter what.

#2: Sayori

She is a cheery and passionate girl who enjoys writing. Sayori can obsess over activities for a short time before she loses interest. Despite her optimistic, cute, and vivid nature, she suffers from depression. Sayori’s lack of self-love forces her to think she has to please everyone.

When asked, “Which DDLC character are you?” most fans would like to say, “I’m Sayori.” That is because she is an adorable girl.

#3: Natsuki

Despite her tomboy-ish behaviors, Natsuki has a cute and lovely personality. She acts tough and stubborn most of the time. And it might make her seem like an arrogant, cranky, and blunt girl. But Natsuki is a caring and kind person inside.

#4: Yuri

The official DDLC fandom describes her as a shy, generous, and polite girl. Yuri is quite apologetic and insecure. She is also socially awkward, making it challenging for her to deal with casual interactions and chitchats. Despite all that, she is brilliant and clever.

#5: Monika

Being the president of the Doki Doki Literature Club, Monika is a mature, calm, and trustworthy person—or at least that is how she starts. Others know her as the most popular student who is confident and athletic. However, Monika turns into a manipulative and obsessive girl throughout the story, making her a semi-villain of the game.

Although she is a controversial girl, many fans would say, “I’m Monika,” when asked, “Which DDLC character are you?” That is because she has relatable struggles and innocent intentions behind her actions.

Character Age Height
Monika 18 5’3″
Sayori 18 5’2″
Yuri 18 5’5″
Natsuki 18 4’11”


How Scary Is the DDLC Quiz?

Since the game is a psychological horror, we wanted to keep things as eerie as possible. But no age restriction is required as the questions do not include mature content or super-scary stuff. Still, the test has a dark theme. So, you are better off without it if you do not enjoy such atmospheres.


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