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Why do you want to know if you will get back with your ex? 5

  • I want to ensure it won’t happen

  • I need it because I have no idea what’s going on

  • We’re talking again, and I’m confused

  • We’re on and off, and I don’t get it.

  • I need it because I don’t know what’s the right thing to do

  • I want to ensure we’re ready for a second chance


Question: Why do you want to know if you will get back with your ex?

Quiz: Will We Get Back Together? This Quiz Reveals 100% Honestly

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After your breakup, do you wonder, “Will we get back together?”  This quiz has the answer. Review the signs to see if there’s a chance to come together again.

How to Know if You’ll Ever Get Back Together?

If your breakup was impulsive or caused by life stressors, and you spent the time apart on self-development rather than pleading with your ex to reconcile, you’re more likely to get back together. That is, of course, if your ex hasn’t already moved on with your relationship.

See if There’s a Chance with “The Will We Get Back Quiz”

It’s pretty confusing when you don’t know if you should break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But it’s even worse when you don’t know if you should get back with your ex. You start having questions like, “Will we even be a thing again?” or “Is it the right thing to do?”

But worry no more; we have created a relationship test that can accurately predict if you and your ex will ever get back together. It looks for every sign and analyzes the probabilities to come up with a reliable result.

How the Test Works

The quiz is a set of 20 questions about your ended relationship, ex-partner, and the breakup process. The goal is to identify if you two are still likely to rebound and give your relationship a second chance.

Understanding the type of your breakup.

The initial phase of the quiz is all about your breaking point. It’s crucial to figure out how or why your relationship ended before calculating the possibility of reconciliation.

3 types of breakups that usually get back together:

  • Impulsive breakups. After an intense fight, if your relationship ends suddenly, you’ll likely get back together when you cool down.
  • Conditional breakups. If your partner broke up with you over life stressors, they’d likely get back to you when things settle down.
  • Mutual decision breakups. It’s a sign when you can communicate and decide that splitting your ways is the best option. A sign of maturity. So, you’re likely to talk things through and make the reverse decision in the future.

Reviewing the time apart.

It’s wise to go over things you’ve done after the breakup before focusing on questions like, “Will we get back together?” Did one or both of you obsess over patching things up and starting over? Or did you use this time to reflect on your actions and reconsider them?

Couples who prioritize self-development and self-care during a breakup have a greater chance of getting back together. So, the quiz encourages you to review your time apart to finetune the results.

Emotional analysis.

You will not get back with your ex if one of you has gone through physical or emotional abuse. We need to know how you feel about your ex and what you’ve been through in the relationship. That’s the only way of determining if making it up would work out or not.

Calculating the probability of getting back together.

At the final phase of the test, we overview all your responses to generate the results. It takes a few seconds for the algorithms to calculate how probable it is for you two to restart your relationship. And we will not ask for any personal info (email, phone number, etc.) to show the results.

The Quiz Reveals What Rebound Stage You’re at

Yes, your big question is, “Will we get back together?” or something along those lines. But don’t you want to know how close or far from an actual rebound you are? Our test tells you that, too.

Clay Andrew, a well-known relationship coach, believes that reconciliation has five stages. It usually starts with a communication wall that stops the two ends of a relationship from discussing the situation. And, if everything goes well, it ends up with the couple deciding to give it another try.

Stage #1: The Wall of Reactance.

This is when you or your ex doesn’t want to talk. Communication is pretty challenging at this point, and you don’t know how the other person feels about the breakup.

Stage #2: The Test Ride.

You or your ex might want to communicate and see what’s up with the other person’s life during this period. But the exchanges will be cold and often serious.

Stage #3: Riding the Dragon.

The thoughts of getting back together bring in confusing warm/cold emotions. You might not know if you should text him or her or discuss a possible restart.

Stage #4: The Crisis Point.

This is when getting back together seems possible. But you’re too afraid to regret your decision. So, you try to find a reason not to give your ex a second chance.

Stage #5: The New Beginnings.

If you and your ex go through all four stages, you’ll be prepared for an actual restart.

Signs You’ll Get Back Together

Certain things signal that you and your ex are not over with your relationship. Here are some of the most common and important ones:

You are investing in yourselves.

There’s still hope when the two of you reflect on your actions and reconsider them. Couples who use their breakup gap as an opportunity to mature have a greater chance of getting back together. Plus, their rebound process would be much smoother than those who come together on an impulse.

You are communicating.

Talking and discussing different things with your ex is a good sign. It indicates that you two haven’t crossed all the lines—and you might be able to fix the broken bridges.

No one is pushing the other to get back.

Being pushy after a breakup could make things even worse. Regardless of the nature of your separation, it’s best to give each other some space. And if you’re already doing that, then you two are likely to get back together in the future.

You still have feelings for each other.

Sometimes, even being mad at your partner is a good sign. It shows that you’re not 100% over with the whole thing.

You have at least one motivation to get back together.

Hope is there if you still believe that you can “build a common life project” with your ex. You need to have a reason to give your relationship a second chance. And the reason can’t be “feeling better.”

When to Stop Hoping and Ensure Your Ex Will Never Come Back?

Natalia Juarez (AKA the Breakup Coach) believes that “If your ex left you, they’ve lost their hope in you and your relationship. And if your hope is as minimum as theirs, what are you going to do? You’re setting yourself up for a disaster.” So, she believes that there’s always hope for getting back together.

But keep these things in mind:

–      You should not push or harass your ex to get back with you.

–      You need to accept “no” as an answer if your ex is genuinely over with you.

–      You should not abandon your personal life in hopes of getting back with your ex.

Take the Test to Stop the Confusion

Are you still self-questioning, “Will we get back together?” If yes, participate in our relationship quiz and receive a solid answer. We have created a trustworthy and genuine questionnaire that calculates the possibility of precisely coming together with your ex.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it.