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What is your priority when choosing your RPG class in a game? 5

  • My team's strategy

  • My mood

  • My own skillset

  • My personal strategy

  • Damage and HP ratio

  • None of the above


Question: What is your priority when choosing your RPG class in a game?

Quiz: Quiz: What RPG Class Are You? Based on 2023 Updated Games

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Hey, as a gamer what RPG class are you in? This playstyle quiz determines whether you are a Fighter, Magician, Rogue, Cleric, Ranger, etc. Find solid results.

The RPG Class Quiz Explained

It’s a multiple-choice test that uncovers what Role-Playing Game class matches your real-life personality. The goal is to create a hero profile for you based on your preferences and choices, comparing it to the six prominent RPG roles: The Fighter, The Rogue, The Magician, The Ranger, The Clerics, or the Rare.

The premise is similar to our trending D&D Class Quiz, the main difference being the question’s focus. This one’s designed for video game fans rather than board game lovers.

Things That Determine What RPG Class Are You

Most Role-Playing Games’ main classes come with subcategories, making it even a more significant challenge to discover your actual division. But you could simplify the process for yourself by understanding what affects your hero type in the first place.

Here’s a quick guide on that.


MMORPG gamers ask, “what class am I?” because it affects their gameplay. The hero you select comes with unique abilities that require a specific strategy. It’s essential to know how you want to play the game before deciding your role.

For example, the Fighter class usually engages in close-range battles. So, it could be a good option if you have an aggressive playstyle.

The RPG Class Quiz asks you simple questions to determine your preferred strategy in advance.


Pro players know that the kind of person you are in real life is reflected in your gameplay and strategies. Risk-takers usually prefer offensive classes and are found on the frontlines. Kind and caring ones are often supporters who like the Cleric class. And thoughtful or strategic people are more likely to become long-range Magicians.

We have included an additional personality analysis metric in our test. It helps us clarify your persona before revealing what RPG class you are.


With the rise of games like League of Legends, the skins and looks of MMORPG characters are more confusing than the classes. But jokes aside, your desired appearance could also affect the class you are in the games. Do you like masculine, bulky, and scary heroes? Are you a fan of agile, stealthy, and petite fighters?

Weapon Choice

Before even thinking about what RPG class you are in, think about the weapons you’d like to use in a battle. MMORPG games offer a wide range of weaponry to choose from. And your choice could actually affect your playstyle—as well as your teammates. If you like high-damage, big guns, you’re a Fighter or Warrior. However, if you prefer agile, small, and effective, your class is probably the Rogue.

Skills and Abilities

According to Plarium.com, “A character’s ability depends on their class.” So, knowing what special skills you have could determine your role in the game. Our quiz does its best to match your real-life soft or hard skills to that of the main RPG classes. That’s why the results are so reliable and accurate.

How to Know What Role-Playing Game Class You Are

You don’t have to participate in a quiz to find that out, though that would be the most reliable method. One way to determine your RPG role is by getting to know all the main classes. It might take some time to understand each. But it could help you better understand both your playstyle and the whole gameplay of the MMORPG games.

#1. The Fighter

Close-range heroes who have high Health Points. If your RPG class is the Fighter, you are a go-getter who’s not afraid of responsibilities. You are also a tough person, facing hardships with no complaints.

#2. The Magician

Also called Mages, the Magicians are long-range warriors who inflict serious damage but have low HP. They rely on elements and spells rather than weapons and can support other teammates in a battle. If your RPG class is the Magician, you are a creative person. But you’re also more sensitive than your peers.

#3. The Ranger

As a mid-range hero, Rangers are often good at dealing with game monsters. But when leveled up, they are the actual monsters in the game. Rangers often go with bows and blades when it comes to weapon choice. However, personality-wise, gamers with the Ranger RPG class are considered introverted, reserved, and thoughtful.

#4. The Rogues

Being stealthy is the Rogues’ blood. They hide in the bushes, attack from behind, kill the enemy in an instance, and disappear. Gamers with this class are strategic and cautious in real life. They wait for the right moment to make their move and are okay with planning everything.

#5. The Clerics

An in-depth RPG class is needless if you’re a caring and giving person. You’re obviously a Cleric. The role is all about supporting others and helping them out during the battle. And only a truly compassionate person could do that.

#6. Other Classes

You could find some rare roles like the Engineer, the Gun Mage, or the Beastmaster in some games. But you explaining each requires a much longer post. So, we recommend you to take the quiz instead—because it already includes all of them.

RPG Class Role
The Fighter Offense
The Rogue Stealth
The Magician Defense
The Ranger Buff/Damage
The Cleric Support


Can Your RPG Class Expose Your Personality?

Yes. Your attributes and characteristics could determine your RPG class; hence, it could work the other way. Knowing what Role-Playing Game character you have could help decipher your personality.

That’s why gamers love our quiz. It offers both in-game and IRL persona analysis with surprisingly high accuracy.

Discover Your Inner Hero Right Now

Ready to find out what RPG class you are in? You’re only 20 questions away from the true answer. Start the quiz now, and let us determine what kind of role you’d have had you been an actual warrior in MMORPG realms. We promise it’s going to be a joyful ride with satisfying results.



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