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You’re the ship captain. How do you deal with pirates?
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    I’d bribe them

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    I’d fight them


Question 1: You’re the ship captain. How do you deal with pirates?

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If you want to know which Jidaigeki character from FX’s Shogun you are, take this 15-question personality test inspired by James Clavell’s work.

Shogun has become a sensation on Hulu and FX, captivating historical drama fans with its authenticity, flair, and gripping narrative. As the series draws to a close, we wanted to celebrate its success with a little surprise for the fans: The Shogun Character Quiz.

After immersing ourselves in every streamed episode, we’re prepared to unveil your Samurai—or rather, your Shogun—alter ego. Are you Lord Yoshii, Lady Mariko, or Captain John Blackthorne? That’s the question we aim to answer right here.

Curious about how the quiz operates? Allow us to explain: We’ve compiled a database of the main characters’ MBTI types. Your responses to the Shogun Quiz’s questions are then cross-referenced with this database to reveal your ideal match.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cast’s MBTIs:

  • Lord Yoshii: INTJ
  • Toda Mariko: INFJ
  • Usami Fuji: ISFJ
  • John Blackthorne: ESTP

Shogun provides the perfect backdrop for a personality quiz, thanks to its portrayal of non-idealistic characters. Nearly every personality in the show exhibits humanistic flaws, rendering them relatable and ideal candidates for the quiz.

Consider this your cue to hit “Start” and discover which original Jidaigeki character from James Clavell’s titular novel and Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks’ FX miniseries most resembles you.

By the way, if you’re a fan of historical drama, why not give the Yellowstone Character Quiz a try, too? It transports you to the Wild West era and pairs you with the perfect cowboy or cowgirl match.


Images used in the Shogun Quiz are owned by FX, and QuizExpo does not intend any copyright infringement.