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Describe the type of job you want to have in the military.
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    Protecting important places

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    Commanding a team

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    Doing missions abroad

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    Engaging in direct combats

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    Doing all sorts of military activities

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    Doing intelligence-based works


Question 1: Describe the type of job you want to have in the military.

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Do you ask, “Which military branch should I join?” This honest quiz reveals which branch suits you. Should you join the Navy, Air Force, Army, or Marine Corps?

A Sure-Fire Military Branch Quiz

It’s challenging to decide which branch is right for you. And the fact that you cannot change your service easily makes it even more difficult. However, the 20-question on this page can lend a hand with choosing your dream U.S. forces based on your likes/dislikes and skills.

We designed the test for any American confused about joining the military forces. It’s a self-report type of questionary that includes detailed, reliable results. Here’s what you learn by participating.

Note: the quiz can also expose those who should NOT join the military.

Find out which branch you should join.

The goal of the quiz is to help you find the right military force to join. So, that’s the first piece of useful information it offers. We’ve created a database of all six branches to find the perfect option for you. We have questions that lead you through picking the best service like a professional recruiter.

Discover why you suit a specific military branch.

It’s crucial to know why a particular force is your best bet. That’s why the military branch quiz explains the reason behind each result. It helps you get your head around the idea and have your own analysis based on ours.

Get some tips on how to join your dream force.

What happens after you decide which military branch to join? The quiz gives you some pieces of valuable information on what to do next and how to sign up. Each U.S. military service has its own recruiting process, although they overlap.

Things that the Military Branch Test Considers

How can we answer a big question like, “Which military branch should I join?” Well, the key is letting you create your own path. The quiz here is in self-report format. So, it’s more of a guided process to enable you to choose your branch. We consider the following factors to do so.

Job Selection.

The military does not consist of soldiers. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of different jobs you might want to have. So, the quiz helps you review all the options you have without mentioning them directly—because that’s just not possible.

Duty Station.

Where you serve plays a significant role in your life. You might not want to leave your family behind or live abroad. Thinking about such concerns is crucial to discover which military branch you should join. The quiz offers questions you need to ask before making any decisions. And your answers help us deliver the most reliable and accurate results.

Travels or Rotations.

No matter what branch you join, there’s always a possibility of traveling or rotating. You cannot choose where to go next. And you have to live in a particular place as long as the U.S. forces want you to.

Some services have a shorter rotation period, meaning you have to move every year or so. But some others require fewer travels, and you’re guaranteed to stay in the same place for quite a while. The quiz analyzes your answers to determine what type of rotation plan suits you.


To join a military branch, you need to meet certain requirements. Each section or service has its own unique criteria for picking the forces. So, you have to review them individually. However, the good news is that the quiz you’re about to take can do that for you. Our database is based on current requirements. So, matching a particular service also means that you’ll probably pass their tests.

Payment Expectations.

Although all military branches’ payments are the same, the extras and bonuses can significantly differ. The quiz considers your financial expectations to come up with a suitable result. Keep in mind that the average U.S. military member’s annual salary is $40K. But it can go as high as $85K depending on your branch and rank.

Know Your Options before the Military Branch Quiz

You get to choose between five Department of Defense and one Department of Homeland Security branch. It’s crucial to know what each of them is about prior to make any decision or taking online quizzes.

Air Force (USAF)

The motto of this branch is, “To fly, fight, and win.” It clearly shows the importance of aircraft and pilots because the whole service depends on them. Being a pilot means you’re on top of the hierarchy in the air force, and almost everyone else (excluding your commanders) is there to support you. It’s also said that U.S. airmen experience the highest life quality during their service time.

Army (USA)

When a tough and athletic person asks, “Which branch should I join?” a cliché answer is that you should join the armies. Yes, the branch indeed requires physically strong individuals. But there are other jobs in the U.S. army that do not need you to be the Rock. However, be mindful that being in the army means you’ll have to travel a lot, get used to low-quality life, and lots of dangerous missions—especially abroad.

Coast Guard (USCG)

USCG is a part of DHS, so some do not consider it a military option. But that’s not accurate. The branch focuses on keeping the coastal and waterways safe from smugglers and any other type of law violation. The official U.S. government website states, “USCG enforces marine environmental protection laws. Service members are Coast Guardsmen and nicknamed Coasties. The reserve component is the Coast Guard Reserve.”

Marine Corps (USMC)

The main purpose of the branch is to provide land combat, sea-based, and air-ground operations support for all other forces. Becoming a Marine is one of the toughest processes among U.S. military training. It requires lots of rotations, abroad missions, high-risk operations, and direct combat.

Navy (USN)

USN’s territory starts when the USCG’s jurisdiction ends. Most navy members need to be on a warship or serve in a coastal area near one. The rotation period is relatively short. And you might spend a couple of months on the sea with no land contact.

Space Force (USSF)

This force is relatively new, and many people who ask, “Which military branch should I join?” don’t even know that it’s an option. According to the U.S. government website, “The Space Force falls within the Department of the Air Force. It organizes, trains, and equips space forces to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and provide space capabilities to the joint force.”


QuizExpo is not associated with the U.S. government, military, or other organizations mentioned in the quiz. The Military Branch Quiz on this page was created independently for entertainment and educational purposes.