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Do you get along well with everyone?
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    Yes, I do

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    I could say that

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    Not that much

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    No, I don’t


Question 1: Do you get along well with everyone?

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If you watched season 3 of the Dead to Me series, you might be curious about which character may match your style and personality. This quiz helps you find out.

Dead to Me is one of Netflix’s originals that really able to bring out a lot of mixed feelings, and if you watched the show, you could confirm this. It’s a show about love, death, friendship, family, trauma, and laughter. So it has all of the feelings that you want a dark comedy to have.

Now, let’s talk about the show a little bit.

The storyline of the Dead to Me series

Jen is the main character of the show. She recently lost her husband in a car accident, and she is grieving the death of his husband. But in the meantime, she tries to understand how to get back to normal life.

So, she starts going to therapy and starts working out and meditating to bring back her calmness and get back to normal life. Although she tries to achieve this goal, she fails so many times, and she can’t get over the fact that she lost the love of her life.

Jen is a real estate agent that is good at her job, but the death of his husband influences her work life as well. So she starts to get over the pain by participating in a grief support group, and in this event, she meets Judy, who lost her husband because of a heart attack.

A good friendship

The thing about the two main characters, Judy and Jen, is that they really can fulfill their emotional traumas in life. They both suffer from pain that is similar to each other, and they know how to make the pain disappear.

But it’s no longer about what happened before, they start to face the challenges of their new lonely life, and soon they’ll realize that they can really help each other throughout these challenges, and the more they face these problems with each other, the more they are successful in making the problem fade away.

The bond of the friendship in the first season isn’t really tight and deep, but as the series goes on and as they solve more problems with each other, they tend to be more close to each other, and the emotional parts of the friendship are more glowy than before.

Also, there is a plot twist and some interesting ending to the show that you have to find out by yourself.



The thing about the Dead to Me series is that Netflix really likes to make shows about traumas in life and really embrace the comedy genre, whether it’s dark comedy or just a normal comedy. It doesn’t matter to Netflix, and they ordered the 10-episode first season over a plot that they really liked.

After the airing of the first season, Netflix really liked how many viewers this show made for the network, and they ordered 10 more episodes for season 2, which was still a great success but wasn’t a banger like a season 1.

In July 2019, Netflix officially announced that this series had 30 million viewers, which was a great deal for a dark comedy show, and they considered the show a good success. However, it wasn’t long before Netflix order the creators to make the last season of the show and end it their way.

But the show has some big names in it which seem not anybody knows. As the producer, we have Will Ferrell’s name pops up at the end and also, and there is the name Adam McKay also a producer. So we are sure that a lot of big names were sure that this show is a banger.


Which Dead to Me character are you, you reckon?

It’s time for the Dead to Me quiz in this one, you are going to answer 20 questions, and after answering all of them, you are going to find out which one of these shows’ characters are you. Are you ready?